Huzax, Ruler of Demons
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The Elements of Power



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Freaky Beserker


Freaky Beserker

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October 16, 2010

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Battle of the Runkenk

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Escape from the Disciples

Huzax, Ruler of Demons


Tuy walked down the hallway while listening to his servant give him the report. The Runkenk had been killed and the orb had been destroyed. He sighed as all the memories of his time with the group appeared in his mind. He had been trying to block them but they started to come as if a flood gate had been opened. He entered the pit and knelt.

"My lord, your plan is going perfectly. I am ready for your orders."


The demons silhouette was the most frightening thing he'd ever seen

The great Demon spoke out with a voice like thunder, "Go to the courtyard and retrieve a piece of the orb and a patch of the Runkenk's skin."

Tuy walked out and headed toward the courtyard. Jude ran into him after she turned a corner.

"Get out of my way," Tuy growled.

"No, I am done with this. You have to accept that the group is over. All of that is over. All of it."

Tuy tried come up with a retort but realized that she was right. All of it was over. Even Yusha had left him behind. This made him extremely mad and he attacked her flames spewing out of his hands.

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT." He regained control and said in a quieter voice. "Now move aside. NOW." Jude stepped aside covered in minor burns. She had tears in her eyes and almost whispered, "I would have treated you better than her." She ran down the hall while he kept walking. He found the door to the courtyard. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Old Love, New Pain

I felt tears growing in my eyes as I looked into Ruen's eyes and saw no lies. I turned and sat down, Yuzan came and sat next to me. Her eyes looked sad and she started to say something but I held up my hand. All I wanted to do was think. I looked around at everyone. Ruen was looking at the ground and I realized that he had had as close of a bond to Tuy as I had. I looked at Dorn who took a step forward and tried to comfort me. I pushed him away and looked at Yuzan. She hadn't known Tuy yet still looked sad, like she actually cared about what happened to me. Last of all I looked at Hurek. I didn't know him but he looked like he had know Tuy. I walked up to him.

"Do you know why...why Tuy did what he did?"

"Jude corrupted him she was the first one to find out the secrets of shadow bending but their was something else she didn't know. The demon. He corrupted both of them and taught them how to Shadowbend. But in the past few weeks I have noticed that the demons hold on him is weakening. But soon that will all change. I overheard about a plan that Jude and the demon have but I didn't understand it."

I immediately said" Then all we have to do is stop the plan right?"

Ruen suddenly jumped up and said,

"Get away."

I turned to see who he was talking to. After seeing I started to cry and ran forward. He hugged me and I remembered his hold from what seemed so long ago.

I whispered, "You're back...You're back." I turned up with tears falling down my cheeks and a smile on my face. "Yusha.... I am so sorry for what I did."

I looked at his scarred face and knew that I couldn't hate him. I was so happy I thought I would burst.

"You came back and that's good enough for me." He smiled and kissed me. But of course nothing could last that long for me.

"NO. Tuy you are betraying the person that saved your life. STOP" I turned and saw Jude standing on top of the carcass of the Runkenk. I immediately formed some icicle claws and threw them at her. She shot some wind at me and knocked me on to my back.


My entire skin burned as I recalled the sight I had seen a few seconds before. How could he have done that! She had saved him with one price. He had to join her. I dodged an arrow from Ruen and sent a blast of shadow at him. He was hit and went down. Yuzan saw this and suddenly she started to float in the air. Her eyes glowed and she brought a giant shield of earth around me. She then started to make it crumble. I used a shield of air around me to protect myself and then grabbed a piece of the orb. I jumped up and kicked Yuzan in the face. She hit me with a huge wave of water. I hit the Runkenk's dirty body and sliced of a piece of its skin. I moved just in time to dodge a rock that Yuzan had thrown at me. I launched myself up and hit Yuzan in the stomach with a blast of shadow. She fell to the ground and was knocked out. Dorn attacked me but I dodged him and blasted him back. I ran towards Tuy who was trying to help Yusha. Suddenly I felt a deep gash in my skin. When I looked down I was kicked over. Hurek stood over me and prepared to stab me with a shadow claw. I used an air scooter to dodge him and finally made it to Tuy. I used a bubble of air to make him float in the air. Chanting I said, "Oh powerful one come and take this mans body and use it to your end!" The piece of skin and the piece of the orb floated into the air and created a portal. A spirit flew out and went into Tuy's body.


Yusha woke up and looked around. Tuy was floating in midair and looked weird. Suddenly he fell to the ground and looked around. Jude walked up to him and kneeled.

"My lord it worked! You have inhabited his body and now you can make the world pay."

He looked at her and said in a deep gravely voice, "Yes, they will feel my wrath!" Yusha stood up and saw Reun and Dorn and Yuzan stand up. Hurek came up next to them and said, "We're too late. The demon has inhabited his body and now we can't stop him." Ruen looked at everyone and said.

"Then let's take him out." He held up his knife and prepared to throw it. Dorn wrapped it in rock and Yusha created a ring of water around it. Hurek covered it with shadow and Yuzan created some fire. Ruen threw it and it hit Tuy in the back. He barely moved. Instead he turned and laughed. "Nothing can stop me, pitiful flies."

Unnamed fire Avatar

The lava spewed form the cones

Now you will die! He got into a fighting stance and they heard rumbling. Suddenly cones of earth broke through the ground and started to spew lava. The giant waves of magma swept over the courtyard. Team element got ready to escape but they didn't think they could. The lava swept closer as the demon laughed.


This chapter was made to really show the relationship between Tuy and Yusha as well as what kept them away from each other.

This is the first time that the groups name Team Element is mentioned in a chapter.

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