By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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earth, light, darkness

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Earthbending, Lightbending, Darkbending, Mindbending


Other Paladins

Huong is an Earth Kingdom citizen and the immediate successor of Paladin Bagguk. Unlike his predecessor, he was instead an Earthbender, but retained the arts of Lightbending, Darkbending and Mindbending from Bagguk.


Huong was born and raised in the Earth Kingdom, and developed his earthbending abilities at a young age. Like many earthbenders, he was tough, but always seemed more powerful than the other kids, especially when he became angered.

Huong was asleep one night when he first met Fann. From then on, he became unstable, attacking almost everything that moved. Not wanting to possible bring any harm to his family, he left and decided to head east towards the Si Wong Desert to spend the rest of his life in exile, before he was found by Jinhui, the successor to Massak and the new vessel of Ogon.

For weeks, the searched for the other Paladins.

Later Life



Huong's main ability was earthbending, and became an earthbending master around the age of fifteen, one of the youngest of his generation. Through the use of Fann, he became even more powerful, easily besting his opponents when he became angered.


Huong had considerable skill in Lightbending. But unlike Bagguk, he wasn't able to utilize the sub-skill of Invisibility.



Like his predecessor, Huong was able to use the art of Mindbending to manipulate the anger of others.

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