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The Task

Huo is a master firebender and former boyfriend of Qi. He is currently travelling the Earth Kingdom with Qi, Maia and Liu in search of the Avatar.


Early Life

Huo was born in the Fire Nation but soon moved to Republic City. He began training in firebending ever since he discovered the ability and soon mastered it in his teen years. He began work at the Order of the White Lotus where he met Qi. At first, the two became best friends and soon after, they began a romantic relationship. However, Huo's love interest soon turned to another girl and he began to cheat on Qi. Qi soon found out and she attacked Huo and landed him in hospital while nearly killing him. Ever since, he and Qi have never had a peaceful conversation.

Tasked With a Job

One day, Huo was climbing down the staircase when he met Qi who was hurriedly climbing up the stairs. He blocked her path and interrogated her, wanting to know where she was going. Huo taunted Qi when she said that she was meeting the two Grand Lotuses. Upon hearing that, he decided to let Qi pass as he thought she was bound to get into trouble.

Apparently, he was wrong as he was later approached by the White Lotus and was informed that he would be travelling the Earth Kingdom with Qi to search for the Avatar. The next day, they met at the airship that would take them and they boarded together. When the captain asked them where they would like to go, Qi stepped up and said they wanted to visit Ba Sing Se.

Attacked By Sandbenders

A few days after Qi and Huo's airship took flight, they found themselves flying over the Si Wong Desert. Huo approached Qi and informed her that they were only an hour away from Ba Sing Se. However, as he was telling her this, he noticed a great big dust cloud travelling towards their airship at high speed. When the cloud was right beneath them, the two had a brief debate about the what to do about the cloud. Huo said how he would be able to handle them without the help of Qi. Angered, Qi lashed out at Huo and said how she could defeat him anytime and anywhere. Refusing to accept defeat, Huo challenged Qi to a duel despite the growing danger of the dust cloud. Reluctantly, Qi agreed to spar against him.

In the training arena, the two began the duel. Huo began shooting streams of fire at Qi who managed to either evade or extinguish them all with gusts or air. She cleverly blasted an enormous blade of wind at the ceiling, which slowly began to crumble. Qi caught the debris in an air funnel which she blasted at Huo. He then shot whips of fire at Qi, who trapped them within an expanding tornado. In the middle of their duel however, the arena began to crumble and quake so much that both of them fell to their knees. Abandoning the fight, Qi rushed out of the arena to see what was going on, leaving Huo alone in the arena.

After Qi ran out, Huo decided to take matters into his own hands. He exited the airship and ran out into the desert to find sandbenders launching an attack on the airship for trespassing their territory. Huo engaged in a battle with all the sandbenders, but he was losing badly. In the middle of their battle, Huo noticed Qi's spiritual projection nearby. He called for help, which Qi agreed to. Qi soon rushed to his rescue and the two managed to fight off most of the sandbenders, however, the remaining ones mustered together a colossal boulder and launched it at the two of them. Qi managed to evade it but Huo was squashed under the boulder. When Qi used airbending to push the boulder aside, Huo began to awake in a dizzy. When he awoke, he found that he had lost his memory as he had no idea who he was or where he was. Qi begged Huo to try and remember something, and was able to get Huo to remember his name. When Huo was confused about what it meant, Qi explained how it meant fire in a distant language and that Huo was a firebender, but those words meant nothing to him. Later on, the captain and the guards came out of the airship wreckage and saw Qi crying over Huo. Qi explained how the sandbenders took away Huo's memory.

When all hope seemed lost, Huo noticed a passing airship. They screamed for help and it worked. When the unknown airship landed, a boy and girl the same age came out. They introduced themselves as Maia and Liu and explained how they were siblings. Qi introduced herself and Huo and explained how they wanted to go to Ba Sing Se to restore Huo's memory. When she saw a sand dune moving, she nervously asked what was going on. Maia explained how it was a sand shark that might eat everyone up. The siblings invited then everyone on board so that they could head to Ba Sing Se together.

In the City of Ba Sing Se

Huo was not present when Qi was talking to Maia and Liu, instead, he was in his room trying to recover from amnesia. When they arrived in Ba Sing Se, Maia led Huo to the Middle Ring where she told everyone to go inside a rather large building known as the "Hospital of Ba Sing Se." Inside, the receptionist told them to go to the sixth floor but when they all went, the receptionist said only Huo could go.

As Huo headed up the stairs to the sixth floor, he slowly had several flashbacks of the past. He had a vision of Qi attacking him, screaming that Huo had cheated. After seeing that, Huo immediately thought that he couldn't trust Qi. Nevertheless, Huo decided he still had to recover his memory. When he got to the top of the staircase, he met doctor Kaila. They introduced themselves and Huo explained how he had developed amnesia. Kaila then led Huo into a room that contained a chair with a large machine on top. Huo willingly sat on the chair but he recoiled when Kaila said she was going to attach the machine onto his head. She explained it would do no harm and managed to calm Huo down. As she slowly yet carefully clipped the machine onto Huo's head, he began to remember his whole past. He started by remembering his firebending and ended by remembering his times with Qi. However, as he was recovering, he was attacked by Aimei, Cici, Sha and Wang. They interrogated him for information on Qi yet he still refused to speak a word. When he didn't say anything, Cici attacked Kaila and the four of them mugged Huo.

Aimei, Cici, Sha and Wang threw Huo in a sack and dragged him to an old and abandoned house in the Lower Ring. When they took him out the sack, he immediately began asking questions, all to no avail. The only information he received was that Aimei was after the Avatar.

Aimei soon left to look for Qi but left the other three to guard Huo. When they weren't looking, Huo noticed Qi's spiritual projection lingering in the corner. Her spirit silently mouthed five words to him: "we're coming to rescue you." Huo waited an extremely long time for Qi, Maia and Liu to get to the house. Huo witnessed Cici, Sha and Wang battle his friends, and stared in shock as he saw his three enemies being defeated. Qi quickly freed Huo from the rope that was keeping him tied up and they began to head out the house. Just when they were at the front door though, a very angry and provoked Aimei burst through the door. Angered, Aimei summoned up four augmented fire rings and ten simultaneous fire whips, making it nearly impossible to defeat her. Knowing when to flee, Qi smacked Aimei in the face with air, temporarily stunning her before blasting herself and her friends to safety with air propulsion.

The four soon came to a stop when they fell next to a pond. When they recovered, everyone thanked Qi for getting them out alive. Qi just said how she was happy to help. When Maia was confused about what to do next, Qi said how they were going to visit the Earth King and ask him about the Avatar.

Several days later, Huo and his friends had managed to arrange a meeting with Earth King Shoo's adviser: Xu. They arrived at Xu's house and he took them to the living room where they struck up a conversation. Xu explained how the Avatar was not in Ba Sing Se, much to everyone's disappointment. Nevertheless, Qi wanted to meet with Shoo and get him to send troops to help look for the Avatar. Xu agreed, but said that due to Shoo's tight schedule, the meeting would have to take place in two weeks.

Two weeks later, Xu took the four to the royal palace, which amazed Huo and his friends. When they arrived in the throne room, Shoo asked Maia to explain the plan. Maia said how Qi wanted troops sent around the Earth Kingdom to hurry the search for the Avatar, which Shoo reluctantly agreed to. After the four friends were alone on the streets of Ba Sing Se, Qi and Huo invited Maia and Liu to join them in the search, which they delightedly obliged.

The next day, Qi asked Shoo to take the Avatar to Republic City if he found the Avatar sooner, much to Shoo's surprise. Shoo was unwilling to do this and didn't like Qi's attitude. He therefore decided to fight Qi's group. Before the fight could descend into chaos, Huo and his friends fled onto the airship and took flight.

Huo fell sick and therefore couldn't visit the Village of Hope along with Qi and Liu.

The State of Yi

They soon reached the State of Yi, where Huo, Qi, Maia and Liu were greeted by the new governor. The governor gave them a tour of Yi, where they discovered it had modernised in many different ways. After the tour, the governor took Huo and his friends into his office, where he told Qi the Avatar wasn't in Yi. However, their meeting was interrupted by a clerk, who told them that Aimei had landed in Yi.

Outside, Qi told the governor to make sure everyone was safe inside their homes, leaving Huo and his friends to fight Aimei's group. Huo fought Sha with lightning. However, Sha blocked it with a wall of rock. Sha got distracted by focusing on his earthbending and didn't notice Huo's jet of lightning. Huo used that lightning and managed to knock Sha unconscious.

Seeing that they couldn't defeat Aimei, Qi and Huo fled to the airship along with Maia and an unconscious Liu. They left the State of Yi, leaving Aimei to destroy it.

Meeting Korra's Spirit

Three months later, Huo and his friends had recuperated. They continued to help towns and in one town, a man told them there was a shrine at the South Pole where you could speak to Korra's spirit. Hoping that Korra would know where to find the Avatar, Huo and his friends headed over to the South Pole.

When they arrived at the South Pole, they were greeted by Kanku, the best waterbender and the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. They had to cross a harsh blizzard to get to the shrine, but they did eventually. At the shrine, Qi meditated and tried to call on Korra's spirit. When she awoke, she told him that Aimei had already found the Avatar. Alarmed, Huo and his friends hurried back to the airship to restart the hunt for the Avatar.


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