Hunting Long Feng
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Hunting Long Feng is the twelfth chapter of Long Feng.


Katara visited Jet at his hospital. He was reading Katara and Aang's diaries.

She offered to help out with the notes Jet had been keeping. These notes would help them all to understand the terrible events more clearly.

Aang and Katara were to stay with Jet at the hospital. They made a list of everything they knew so far about Long Feng. "We have put all the papers on order," said Aang.

Sokka arrived. He was overcome with grief for his pretty, lively Yue. Katara did her best to comfort him. "Let me be a sister to you in your trouble," said Katara.

Yue's death had also made Zuko very unhappy. He said they must work together to track down her killer.

Jet took Katara to visit his strange patient, Ozai. With Katara, Ozai was quiet and polite, and described his odd thoughts and feelings calmly.

For the first time, all the friends met together. Haru explained what vampires were. They had no shadow or reflection, and they slept in graveyard earth. They could change shape, into wolves or winged-lemurs, for example, and they grew young again after drinking fresh blood!

"This vampire which is amongst us is as strong as twenty men," explained Haru.

Garlic and crosses would stop a vampire. They couldn't kill in daylight, cross running water, or enter a house uninvited. A stake through the heart would kill then, cutting off the head brought them peace. "It is a terrible task that we undertake, for if we fail he must surely win," said Haru.

Haru had bought the house at Sozin, close to the hospital. "We are determined to destroy this monster," stated Haru.

He had fifty boxes of graveyard earth brought there from his castle chapel, by the haunted ship. As soon as Long Feng's full of blood, he would sleep in one of those boxes until he was ready to attack again.

Zuko had seen a giant winged-lemur outside, and tried to blast it. "Sorry!" apologized Zuko.

At the same time, Ozai was begging the nurses to set him free. Jet was called to see him. Ozai talked sensibly at first, then became frantic. "Let me out of this! Woe is me!" begged Ozai.

He said he had an important reason for wanting to be let out, but he would not say what it was. Was it something to do with "the master," perhaps. "Hear me! Hear me! Let me go!" said Ozai.

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