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Hunters of Hiqao
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Near Haiqo

The Hunters of Haiqo are a group of pirate hunters located near the town of Haiqo and the Southern Water Tribe. The group was created by the airbender Jantaq with permission from the Southern Water Tribe council.


Jantaq was an airbender from the town of Haiqo, and after mastering airbending, decided to carry on his father Tirriu's idea of an elite force to track down the world's remaining pirates. He traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, where he was given permission and resources for a fleet of ships to travel across the Southern Ocean and imprison any pirates he found.

Jantaq had great success hunting down the pirates, even tracking down the remainder of those who worked for the waterbender Braqan years earlier. But eventually, Jantaq began heading northwards, past the Southern Air Temple and into Earth Kingdom waters, breaking part of the agreement he had with the Southern Tribe as well as completely rejecting his nomadic teachings. The Hunters of Haiqo grew in number, tracking down pirate fleets across every ocean.


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