"Oh, don't worry, he won't have to worry about that. I don't fail."
Lee Koisho
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December 31, 2008

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"Hunted" was the second chapter of Avatar: Better World, originally posted on on December 31st, 2008. Aang is hunted by another bounty hunted named Lee Koisho, trifling with him all through Ba Sing Se.

Author's Note

I hope you like the last chapter. Now, a quick note: for this story, you might want to read "Sokka's Days" if you want to catch some things from there in here. And in case you don't feel like doing so, Lee is a bounty hunter with a scar over his eye that once got scammed by Toph "The Runaway." In the story, he tried to get revenge but failed. He recently has been broken up with his group of thugs, the "Komodo Frogs." You'll learn more about his life in this story. Just to let you know. Anyways, enjoy!

Well, there we go. The epic battle. The seen in which Aang falls into Katara's arms should give you a little taste of some parts of this story. Anyways, hope you liked it!!!

Manga Background


Aang stood on the beach, his arm and shoulder patched, several scars and bruises scattered on his body. His bare toes dug into the sand, his eyes squinted, his whole expression unmoving. His hands were wrapped in cloth, rolled into fists.

A pattering sound came from behind Aang. He instinctively turned around, hands in a battle poise.

"Calm down, Mr. Avatar," cackled Sokka, his hair shaven on both sides, his wolf tail blowing in the breeze. His shirt was green, and was stretched to his knees, but where it met his hips it was wrapped around them. He was barefoot.

"Hey, Sokka," said Aang, turning around back to face the ocean.

"Aang, I know you've been through a lot lately, what with all the assassination attempts and the revolt in Kamuu, b-"

"Wait, revolt?!?" Aang boomed, echoing around the deserted beach, fox-seagulls spasming away. He pounded the sand with his bandaged hands, then turned his head around slightly, "Sokka, is this the world we wanted? Is this a better world?!!!!?"

"Aang, calm down," he said, grabbing his friend's shoulder.

Aang looked at his friend, an angry look in his grey eyes, and then turned away, not moving his viewpoint from the ocean. "Thanks, Sokka, but you-you should leave. Now."

Sokka looked deeply at the boy, then sighed and began to walk off. But he stopped, just for a moment, in front of the boardwalk, and said, "Ya know, Aang, I think I liked it better when you didn't take things seriously."

Aang looked at the ocean, the sun ending its rise over the blue. Aang closed his eyes, his body unmoving. The sand rumbled as he silently raged a bitter and bloody battle within his self.

Meanwhile, in the Lower Ring

The small shop on the Wei Long Boulevard was barely used since the war ended. That is, because it was used to harbor and sell illegal weaponry to mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters during the war. With that being over, it had began to be used for meetings of the secret kind.

This particular meeting had been called to discuss a new strategy for an assassination attempt on Avatar Aang.

"You said he never could fail, Myoshi!!" boomed Yino, pounding his hand on the wooden table, his face blackened in the darkness of the unlit room. The man was stressed lately, having been only recently granted the role of leading the "Wind Killers," a secret Fire Nation organization hired to assassinate important figures.

Myoshi, a weak hypochondriac, sweated as he stuttered quietly, "I-I'm sorry, s-sir. From what I heard he could n-n-n-not fail. I-I just, I thought, I-I-I mean, I assumed that he could easily, or, er, at least efficiently, kill the boy. I-I'm so, so sorry, sir. Please forgive me." He felt his head, flipping his hand back and forth, his tattered red robe suffocated him as the room closed in on him.

He owed the Wind money, so he was forced to work with them and do whatever they asked. This included hiring a new assassin to kill the Avatar.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'you tried'. Well, let me tall ya somethin', scum; I DON'T CARE!!!!" He gripped the man's face in the dark with his fist. "Okay, I'm gonna give you one-I repeat, one- more chance to get this right. If you can't do it, well..." He bended a fist of fire, illuminating the area of the room, and stuck it very close to the already sweating man's face. "...your family won't have to waste money on cremating you. Got it?"


Lee in the Wind Killers shop.

"Oh, don't worry, he won't have to worry about that." A shadowy figure illuminated in the dark, entering the room. "I don't fail."

Yino let go of the man and turned around to face the figure, smiling. "Ah, you must be our man:

Lee Koisho."

Lee laughed evilly, his hands crossed in his arms.

Back in the Upper Ring...

Aang stood, his arms outstretched in front of him, in front of the mirror. His head hurt him and was so angry at himself and this world. He looked in the mirror at himself. He gritted his teeth and blew a gust of air at the mirror, cracking it so he couldn't see himself anymore.

He grabbed his head and turned around, eyes closed. Just then, he heard a loud explosion. He ran out the door to see that 3 cans of exploding jelly had been destroyed, creating the explosion.

He rotated his head around to find the person or thing who did this. It didn't take long. After all, the source was screaming "Hey kid!" from the top of one of the ceilings.

Aang turned. The man laughed. "Name's Lee! And I'm here to kill ya!" He threw 5 throwing knifes at Aang, barely missing him as he jumped, the knives glazing his shirt and scuffing up his face.

Sliding on the ground at least ten feet back, the knives clanking to the ground. Every citizen ran out of the whole block, screaming and panicking. Aang heard Momo chirp behind him. "Momo, get outta here!" Momo chirped, flying up and out into the air.

"Guess it's just you and me, Avatar," remarked Lee, pulling out a second knife and keeping it in the space between his first finger.

"I guess it is..."

Lee charged after Aang, shouting, throwing knives at the bald-headed boy. Aang jumped up and hopped around the walls. He flipped up and flopped to the roof. "Why are you doing this?!"

Lee snickered, playing with the knife he was holding between the gaps in his fingers. "The same reason the other five guys were; you're the Avatar, and if you die, the war comes back to screw up the world!"

Aang growled, Sick, he thought. Lee tossed the knife he was playing with right into Aang's shoulder. Aang shouted in pain, pulling out the bleeding knife from the black wound. Tears of pain emerged from his eyes. He gritted his teeth and jumped into the air.

Lee grabbed a knife from his pocket and tried to stab Aang with it. But Aang burnt it to liquid and blew him into the side of the wall with a slice of air.

Aang slid back, a tiny streak of blood straying from his wound. He earthbended a rock pillar to cover Lee and keep him captured. Lee grinned.

"Clever, kid," remarked the bounty hunter, grinning. "This could take me a while to get out of." He struggled around in the rock for a few seconds, before grunting quietly. He blew a silent but high whistle that echoed throughout the block.

A rumbling boomed through the alleyway as a bump followed along the floor. An explosion of dust and bricks revealed a shrieking giant bat-mole, who smashed back and destroyed the pillar covering Lee. He stepped out and caught the bat-mole on his arm, smirking, "Good boy."

He then let the bat-mole fly off and struck a knife at the wall, running it along to gather up dust. "Ya know, I always read that Air Nomads lived a nice, peaceful life, filled with prosperity and lightheartedness." He then laughed. "Guess that doesn't apply to you!!"

Aang snarled as he kept a defense pose, ready for whatever kind of attack the bounty hunter was going to use.

Lee chuckled a little. "You know I've read about the genocide on your people. Such a shame. I mean, they were such a great race. Quite fun I hear. Especially your master; what was his name? Oh yeah..." He smirked and looked Aang in the eye, a mere foot away from him. "...Gyatso."

Aang growled, a drop of blood dripping from his arm. Lee then quickly attempted to stab Aang in his side, but he grabbed it, and struggled to keep it away. It ended with the knife scattering to the ground with a clank. Lee stepped back, smiling.

"Hey, I got an idea," He swung himself onto the steps that acted as a fire escape to the roof of the house, "Let's take this to your native element; the AIR!" He hopped onto the roof and Aang gushed his way up to follow him.

On the roof, Lee jumped from top to top, Aang following him with powerful gushes of air. On one rooftop, Lee stopped and pulled out a staff-whip, which he used to strike at Aang. He dodged several of the stroking whips, but missed one and then another, leaving two long lashes on his back, exposed from his torn shirt. As Lee got agitated, his whips became more and more powerful, but Aang dodged about everyone. Lee lost it, and in a batter of anger, he charged at Aang and pulled him off the roof. Falling to the ground, Aang whipped an air ball to cushion his fall and Lee caught onto a step latter.


Lee loses his cool.

Hopping off, Lee ran to Aang, whip in hand, and the two began struggling, Aang gushing air in front of him to keep the whip off of him. Lee snarled, face red.

"Why won't you DIE!?" he roared, slamming him into a wall and then grabbing Aang's head. He pounded it into the wall three times, blood spouting from it, gushing. Aang pulled back, and blasted Lee into the other wall with an air gush. Through the curdling pain, he continued to gush more air on him, throwing him through the wall and into the building.

Aang walked over to the man's unconscious body. He panted violently, and looked at him through scared eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief. And then the man shot up and shouted.

Aang shouted back, his eyes glowing white and his tattoos the same. He struck him in the head with an air blast, and he flew back, blood spewing as he was shot miles and miles back and out of sight.

Aang sighed out of the Avatar State, and turned around, jumping off the roof. As he walked, Katara and Toph ran to him.

"Aang!!" Katara shouted, running to him and embracing him in her arms. She kissed him and hugged him again. "You look horrible."

Aang looked at Katara as she began to fade. Everything began to get blurry. "Aang?" Katara asked, as Aang's vision faded, and he fell into her arms unconscious.

Wei Long Blvd. Food Shop, a few minutes later


Yino tells his men to drown Lee.

Two men dragged Lee's bloody and unconscious body into the shop, and threw him onto the table as the glass rattled. He groaned and looked up.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Yino said, shadowy as he sat back in his chair. "I thought you couldn't fail. Hmm..."

"Please, no, understand!" panted Lee. "The kid, he-he was too much! He was so strong; I-I've never felt such raw power ever in my 31 years! It not possible to kill have to understand!!"

"Silence!!" boomed Yino, slamming his palm onto the table. "Men, take him to the bay. Make sure he doesn't come back..."

"No, no, please!!" shouted Lee as the men picked him up and dragged him out the door. "Please!! No!!! Noooooo!!!"

The door shut. Yino sighed. "So, I guess this boy truly is a realized Avatar. I'll have to take stronger precautions if I ever hope to bring back the war and kill...the last airbender."

Behind the Scenes

  • Like in Sokka's Days, Lee's first appearance in this story was in this chapter, chapter 2.

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