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The Hummingbird Spirit is one of the many spirits that migrated from the Spirit World to the physical world soon after the Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG. Its appearance resembles that of a large hummingbird made of pure gold.


Like many other spirits of the Spirit World, it migrated to the physical world after the Harmonic Convergence.

It showed up alongside some other spirits, when Ikki, Kai, Jinora and Meelo were playing Capture the Flag with Korra. During the game, it stayed alongside Ikki the whole time.

A few days later, it appeared by Ikki again soon after Ikki ran away from home in order to find Avatar Korra. The spirit sympathised with her feelings as Ikki was explaining, but sensed a pack of deerhound and flew up in a tree. It remained up there alongside Ikki until they managed to escape. It remained with Ikki throughout the whole trip, flying by Ikki's side as they continued. When Ikki found a train being robbed, it tried to get Ikki to go away, but wasn't able to stop her as she went in. The hummingbird spirit fluttered aside, avoiding the launches of the fighters, and eventually tried to help the workers out of their binds, cutting the ropes with its beak, until the thieves were driven away.

Soon afterwards, the Hummingbird Spirit remained with Ikki throughout the trip, as her companion, until they found out where Team Avatar was, to which the spirit flew ahead. It found them first, and landed on Kai's head to get their attention just as Ikki appeared.

The Hummingbird remained nearby Ikki throughout the whole time until a day later, once they arrived in the North Pole. It became so scared of the Qishi around, it flew off, and disappeared.


The Hummingbird Spirit is able to hover in mid air, due to its high-rapid wings. Its beak, being needle sharp, is able to cut various objects, such as ropes.

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