Human vs. Zombie
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Chapter 7: Human vs. Zombie

We landed in a small Earth Kingdom village. I scanned the area for zombies. All of a sudden, I smelled something. Something unpleasant. Something that smelled like rotting flesh. I froze, feeling like we were being watched.

"Uh... guys? Do you get the feeling that we're being... watched? By... zombies!" I screamed, seeing a zombie.

"Run!" Aika cried. We ran from a giant mob of zombies. We then split up and took four different ways. I ran into the marketplace and found weapons lying strewn across the street. How ironic. I used this to my advantage by finding some shurikens. I threw them and it hit three zombies in the head. I then used Airbending and blew ten zombies and burned their heads off before they could recover.

Minutes later, we all met again, exhausted. No one else was bitten but we were really tired. After leaving the village we decided to spend the night out in a field near the village. The moment my eyes shut, I klonked out. Then, a dream started.

I dreamed that I was on the beach, wearing my bathing suit. Then, Kenshin arrived, also in his bathing suit. It was sunset. There were no zombies. As the night sky came, a series of beautifully colored comets began shooting across the sky.

"It's beautiful," I said.

"Not as beautiful as you," Kenshin replied. I smiled.

"I have to say something, I actually kind of like you," I said.

"I like you too," Kenshin said and rolled me over onto my back. I smiled. He then gently rolled me over onto my side. I then held his face and pulled him into a deep kiss. He kissed me back. It was the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

All of a sudden, the dream shifted. This time, I was at the Southern Air Temple, alone. I was a bit annoyed because I wanted the other dream back. I saw an adult Airbender meditating.

"Kenshin?" I asked. The Airbender faced me. It wasn't Kenshin. It was Avatar Aang.

"Avatar Aang, why have you brought me here?" I asked.

"I summoned you because I could tell that you needed my help," he said.

"I do need help. Where in Omashu is the Red Ivy located? And how am I supposed to destroy it?" I asked.

"It is located in the center of the city. And you have to go into the Avatar State in order to destroy the plant. With the plant gone, the undead will collapse to the ground, never to rise ever again," he explained.

"Thank you," I said.

"Oh, take this advice: You will need your friends to stand by your side," he said. Right then, I woke up.

"Morning Masami. Just in time," Aika said.

Author's Note

The first dream is supposed to enhance the romance

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