Hulk VS Ba Sing Se
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Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes




Micro-Episode 2

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December 8, 2013

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Iron Man is Born

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Hulk VS Ba Sing Se is the second micro-episode of the story Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Two weeks ago at Ba Sing Se...


"Stop that Monster!" said Soldier and he's bend two rock and throw them to Hulk.

"STOP HURTING HULK! HULK SORRY!" shouted Hulk and he's punch on the ground and break it and grab the rock and throw to the tanks.

"I'll finish him... myself!" said Black Panther and he's run to Hulk and open his vibranium claws to fight Hulk.


Present Day in Wulong Forest...

"Hmm...?" asked Hulk after he heard noise of many foot steps far from him. Then, he go to look where it come from and he see an army of Doombots led by Abomination from Omashu walk toward to Ba Sing Se.

"I had to go back to Ba Sing Se!" said Hulk and he's go back to Ba Sing Se to warn its people about the invasion of Doombots of Omashu but when he's arrive. It's too late.

"NOOOO!" shouted Hulk and he look at the soldiers that once hurt him, now be hurt by the Doombots and he look at the group of Doombots that try to break the wall to go inside Ba Sing Se.


Hulk jump out from the forest and start to destroy the Doombots and rescue the soldiers that once are hurt him.

"You okay?" asked Hulk.

"You... save us?" asked Black Panther.

"I might be a monster. But I'm a good person," said Hulk.

"Be careful Hulk," said Black Panther and he's run to help his soldiers.

"Now... time for Hulk to SMASH!" shouted Hulk and he's jump out and start to wipe out every Doombots in his way. Then, he meet the general of the army, Abomination.

"What are you? Monster?" asked Abomination.

"Sound like that you're not a monster too!" said Hulk.

"The name is Warui Sisha or called me Abomination!" said Abomination and he's run to fight Hulk. They both are powerful in same as each other as but finally, Hulk defeated him when he's punch Abominaion at face and grab him and throw him into the sky and let him fall hit the ground very hard.

"Okay... OUCH!... I give up!" said Abomination and he's stand up.

"Doombots retreat back to Omashu! Remember Hulk. This is not over yet," said Abomination and he's follow the Doombots back to Omashu.

After the events, Hulk go back to Ba Sing Se and he was greeting by everyone in Ba Sing Se as their hero.

Meanwhile, at Omashu...

"I had failed you my king. You can punish me for my failure," said Abomination and he look up to the King of Omashu, Doctor Doom and his loyal mad scientist, Doctor Octopus.

"Indeed but from your story, you show us something," said Doctor Doom.

"What?!" asked Abomination.

"Dr. Tako I need more information about this Hulk creature," said Doctor Doom.

"As you wish, my king," said Doctor Octopus.

"Soon... Omashu will be the capital city of Earth Kingdom. Like that it must be when the Earth Kingdom had been formed up," said Doctor Doom.


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