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Grey Hulk
Zhoa Xiao/Hulk
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Monster (By people of Ba Sing Se)

Big Grey Guy (By Hawkeye)


Earth Kingdom


Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom



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The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Earth Kingdom


Doctor Doom, Doombots, Abomination, Doctor Octopus, Black Panther (formerly)

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The Avengers

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Hulk VS Ba Sing Se

Hulk is the strongest beast on Earth that created by Gamma Explosion in lab near Ba Sing Se. His human counterpart is Zhoa Xiao, the scientist who was working on the gamma energy. He is working alongside with Black Panther.


360 AG

Gamma Explosion

In the night at Gamma Lab near Ba Sing Se, Dr. Zhoa Xiao is working with his project alone to find the key to find the more powerful energy weapon to protect Ba Sing Se from the threat of Doctor Doom and his army. However, an accident occurs, during which the gamma energy that he was testing accidentally exploded and turned him to be a big, hulking, grey, human-like monster, known as the Hulk, the strongest beast in the world.

Public Enemy

After the explosion, he caused much trouble in Ba Sing Se. The Earth King Banzai ordered to gather a big army led by his son, Prince Bao, also known as hero of Ba Sing Se or the Black Panther, to take down the Hulk once and for all. However, the Hulk felt bad about what he had done, though the soldiers refused to listen and they started to attack the Hulk. Hulk had no choice to defend himself and hurt them all. After the battle, Hulk retreated deep into Wulong Forest in order to stay away from people.

Conquest of Doctor Doom

A few weeks after his retreat into Wulong Forest, an army of Doombots led by Abomination from Omashu is marching up to conquer Ba Sing Se. Hulk sees this and returns to Ba Sing Se to stop them, but when he arrives at Ba Sing Se, everything was already out of control. The Doombots had already found Ba Sing Se and tried to break inside. Before they could breach the wall and go inside, Hulk jumps out from the forest and destroys many of the Doombots and rescues the soldiers of Ba Sing Se. Then, he met Abomination and they both start to fight each other and finally he defeated Abomination and he and his remaining army retreat back to Omashu. After the events, Hulk becomes a hero of Ba Sing Se alongside with the Black Panther and becomes the hero of the Earth Kingdom.

Operation:Escape from the Vault!

When the prisoners of the Vault are broke out, he along with Iron Man, Avatar Mei and Spider-Man go to the Vault to stop them but failed. So they all gather them up as team and Mei name it Avengers.

Goblin Strike!

After got the news about the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur from S.H.I.E.L.D, he and the Avengers go to Fire Nation bazaar to stop them but end up nearly get killed by them but because helped of Black Widow and Hawkeye, they escape out from their dead.


As Zhoa Xiao, he is a very nice and kindhearted man, who will help everyone who is helpless. He will never surrender to anything that he knows he can do.

As Hulk, he has a very bad temper, but can still control himself. He is intelligent enough to understand what is bad and good, and like his counterpart, he won't surrender to anything that he knows he can do.


Super Strength

Because he is a nonbender, he has to use his super-strength to fight against others.


He is intelligent enough to understand what is good or bad and can conspire a plan to use in the battle.


  • The original skin color of Hulk is grey instead of green.
  • He is more intelligent in the Marvel Comics.

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