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Huli Jing
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Pale Green

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Deception and seduction

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Passive aggressive


Whoever they choose


Whoever they choose


Huli Jing should be more appropriately deemed 'the' Huli Jing as there are more than one. There are nine spirits that compose the Huli Jing; however, this fact is known only by a few if any select mortals, perhaps none in the time of the War. Overall, they are a little known entity as they are not obviously connected with the people of the Avatar world like Tui or La. Instead, they are the embodiments of various qualities and emotions associated with romance. They are represented in the Human World by statues carved from jade in the image of a nine tailed, single-horned slender canine-like creature. This may or may not be their true form. However, they will take the form of a beautiful young woman when appearing to someone pleading for the help or to seduce an unknowing man.

Certain members of the Huli Jing tend to get bored in the Spirit World, and the result of their 'play time' tends to be dire for the young man unlucky enough to stumble upon them. Although they are not known to be needlessly cruel, the favors and gifts they bestow upon humans usually come with some sort of price. The severity of the price depends which Huli Jing grants the gift or favor. For instance, childlike Xiyue may grant the wish of a lonely woman to find love at the cost of the woman merely planting new trees in deforested area. Canren, however, may grant the same wish but at the cost of the woman only having said love for a few months.

Insult them, and they will seek vengeance. Please them, and they will provide wonders. To do either is difficult, but it is possible and has been done time and time again.

Hierarchy of the Huli Jing

Renci – "Benevolence/Kindness"

Qipian – "Deception"

Canren – "Cruelty"

Yukuai – "Delight"

Xiyue – "Joy"

Jiqing - "Passion"

Yuwang – "Lust"

Duji – "Jealousy"

Bei'ai – "Sorrow"





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