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Earth Kingdom


Ba Sing Se



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Dictator of Ba Sing Se (formerly)
Head of Dai Li


He uses the style of earthbending used by the Dai Li; very precise but also flowing. He also keeps his Dai Li equipment most used are his rock gloves and boots. He was head of the Dai Li for a time and therefore wears a different uniform to the normal Dai Li agent. His style of earth bending is very flowing and he never strains when raising huge rocks.

He can form earth spears, pillars, discs, blocks and much more. He is the head of the Dai Li and is ruthless and efficient. He kills a prisoner for not answering questions. Although he is one of the 'good guys' for a while, he is arguably one of the most cold, evil and ruthless characters in the series.


In 94 AG general Iroh attacked Ba Sing Se with his admiral, Zheng. The dai li leader took advantage of the situation and asked the Earth King for permission to transform the city into a military dictatorship until the conflict was over. When the order was signed, Huanlong imprisoned the Earth King telling him he was protecting him. Huan took advantage of this, causing as many fights as possible in order to prolong the war. Zheng's soldiers fought the dai li and Zheng, himself, had many long battles with Huanlong.

When Iroh, returned to the Fire Nation, Huanlong was banished from Ba Sing Se with one hundred loyal Dai Li agents and trained them for the time they would retake Ba Sing Se. He secretly communicated with Long-Feng, ordering him about the second coup. Once Azula took control, he sent Dai Li agents to infiltrate the Fire Nation, posing as non-bending guards. He fought Avatar Aang at one time, and could hold his own against him until he could escape.


  • Huanglong was the legendary dragon identified with the Yellow Emperor and the centre or earth dragon of the Chinese four symbols.
  • Technically, he is a better earthbender than Bumi, who was alive at the same time. This makes him one of the best earthbenders of all time.

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