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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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Light Brown

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Earth Kingdom, Chouqi, Beiyin's father


Zhang the Tax Collector

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Book 2: Water Chapter 13: Kidnapped

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Book 2: Water Chapter 13: Kidnapped

Huanle is the missing daughter of Chouqi from Nuo Ju. Huanle is also a secondary character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


When the gang arrived in town they had seen a crying woman, trying to talk to guard into helping her. When she caught their attention they sought out to help. The woman's name was Chouqi and her daughter Huanle was missing, she didn't further explain anything other than she might believe the hermit had kidnapped her daughter.

When the gang had went to the hermit's shack to see if Chouqi's daughter was inside to no avail, they could not find anyone inside. After two days, they had met a man named Beiyin. the man knew where the girl was, because his father was kidnapped by the soldiers as well.

He made a deal with Rong Yan that if he helped him rescue his father, that he would rescue the girl as well, and help them by writing out a letter to his friend who happens to be the Captain of the Royal Guard. After accomplishing their goal, Beiyin had rescued his father, and the girl.

When they made it back to town is when Chouqi and her daughter Huanle had reunited, their tax money was given back, and the two were happy. Beiyin did as he promised and had written a letter to his friend in Ba Sing Se. It soon turns out that Huanle was to be an example if the town did not pay their dues.


Huanle was born a non-bender and there is no known information if she can fight or not. That being said, it is assumed she does not, because she was easily hauled away by the soldiers. It is possible that she might've attempted to slap one of them and scream.

But there was no mention in the chapter of that occurring.




  • Huanle means "joyous" in Chinese.
  • This episode that involves all these characters was written out the same way that the plot of "Zuko Alone", and mixed with one of the subplot from a quest from the first Avatar video game on PS2. The quests that were mentioned, was the one where you had to help the widow out, and defeat the tax collectors within their hideout.

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