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Huang Ze Guan
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Lee Wei(father), Sun (mother, deceased)

Huang Ze Guan was born in the city of Zhai as the only child of Le Wei Guan and Sun Guan. His hometown was one of several towns that had been colonized by the Fire Nation. His father was one of the colonists that settled in the town, and held a high position among the colonists despite being a non-bender. His parents were married due to an agreement between his father and his mothers family, that if Sun married Lee Wei, their family would not be stripped of their land, titles, and wealth. After Ozai was defeated by the Avatar and the colonists were forced to relinquish control of the city back to the Earth Kingdom, his father remained in Zhai with him and his mother. His father and mother later took on his wife's family name in order to keep up the family's appearance. His mother died from sickness two years after the war ended, when Huang Ze was 21, but asked him to remember the values that she had tried to raise him with, and not follow the ideals of his fathers, which she is sure will only lead to ruin.

Huang Ze is a strong Earthbender, a trait he received from his mother. Due to the influential nature of his family, he was chosen by the Bei Fong family who lived in Gaoling as a suitor for their daughter, Toph. His first encounter with her started out an earthbending fight between the two, with the stipulations being that if he could knock her through the wall of her Earthbending Academy, that she would have to become his wife. And if she knocked him through the wall he had to go away and never come back. He almost had her defeated when Avatar Aang showed up and put an end to the fight.

Huang Ze later returned home, angry and defeated, and decides to finally join his father's gang of bandits, known as The Black Band Bandits, who want to overthrow all the governments of the world as well as take out the Avatar. They want to start a new government, with he and his father at the reins. However, when Aang and Toph come to take on The Black Band Bandits leader, he is forced to make a choice between his father and the values he was raised with. He decides to side with Aang and Toph and is key to defeating his father.

After the defeat of The Black Band Bandits, he apologizes for everything he has done and decides to become a delegate to the Nations Summit in order to make changes to the world in a better, more peaceful way.


Huang Ze's name is written as 煌昃 and means "brilliant afternoon" in Chinese. His surname, Guan, is written as 筦 and means "to control." Written in traditional style (with the surname first) his full name is written as 筦煌昃.

Huang Ze's hometown, Zhai, is written as 寨 and means "stronghold" in Chinese.

Huang Ze Guan is a character from the story Unexpected Plans. This story can be found here on or here on

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