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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se


226 AG


Pei Qi (as Lady Li-Hua's assistant)

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Her mother, Min

Love interest(s)
  • Zing Dang (husband; formerly)
  • William (love interest)

Lady Li-Hua (formerly), Team Avatar, Earth Guardians, swampbenders, Zing Dang, Min, more ...


Her mother, Lady Li-Hua, Pei Qi

Chronological and political information
  • Scientist
  • Receptionist
  • Lady Li Hua's assistant (formerly)
  • Firebending master
  • Concierge of the Agrarian Park Hotel
  • Fire Nation (formerly)
  • Lady Li-Hua's lair (formerly)
  • Foggy Swamp (formerly)
  • Agrarian Park Hotel


First appearance

"Journey to the Foggy Swamp"

Huang-Gi is a firebender who had a fight with her mother and moved from the Fire Nation to the Earth Kingdom. Eventually, she ended up in the Foggy Swamp, where she encountered the swampbenders, who became better friends than she had ever had in her life before.

In the spring of 244 AG, Avatar Miranda and her friends asked Huang-Gi to help them defeat the evil Lady Li-Hua, whom Huang-Gi had been working for in the past, and who was now threatening to take over the nation. Huang-Gi joined them in fighting Lady Li-Hua and her helpers.

By the summer of the same year, Huang-Gi moved away from the Foggy Swamp and started to work at the newly opened Agrarian Park. At some point, she developed a romantic relationship with Zing Dang, whom she married. They got one daughter, Min, who got the ability to firebend from her mother. Years later, Huang-Gi and Zing Dang divorced.

In 274 AG, at an age of 48, Huang-Gi still works in the park, as the concierge. She has a good relationship with Min, and she is still good friends with Zing Dang.


Early life

Huang-Gi grew up in the Fire Nation. She never felt like she got any recognition from her mother, who did not like people who were standing out in any way.

When Huang-Gi was discovered a firebender, she had a dream of becoming a master, but her mother did clearly not believe in her.

Moving to the Earth Kingdom

Naturally, her mother's attitude affected Huang-Gi's confidence, and though she learned how to bend fire, she never became very skilled.

A serious fight with her mother caused Huang-Gi to run away from home and travel to the Earth Kingdom.

Arriving in the Earth Kingdom, Huang-Gi started looking for a job, and she soon started to work as a laboratory assistant, where she got into contact with the famous scientist Lady Li-Hua, the sister of the Earth Queen.

Eventually, Huang-Gi was hired as Li-Hua's own assistant. Huang-Gi discovered that Lady Li-Hua intended to kidnap all of the Earth Guardians and somehow use the spirituality in their earth amulets to take over the entire Earth Kingdom, with the "union point" always being fragile.

Huang-Gi did not want to be a part of Lady Li-Hua's crazy game, so she quit working for her. Being the only outsider knowing about this evil plan, Huang-Gi felt like she had the responsibility to warn the Earth Guardians about the upcoming storm. Therefore, she went to Ba Sing Se for the first time in her life to find them.

The Earth Guardians knew of her working with Lady Li-Hua, and though they did not know her exact plan, they knew she was evil. While Huang-Gi actually wanted to help them, they thought she was a spy. The only one of the four guardians who trusted Huang-Gi was Guardian Tyro, a man who used to see the good in everyone. However, his one vote did not help against the three other skeptical guardians, so Huang-Gi was told to leave.

Huang-Gi's confidence got worse after her getting more and more enemies. She felt like she had no friends and no one to talk to, so she traveled the Earth Kingdom to figure out her life.

She ended up in the Foggy Swamp, where she encountered a group of swampbenders, whom she actually befriended. They let her live with them in the Swamp, and as time went on, they grew closer and closer each other, and Huang-Gi felt like they, in a way, became her new family. Here, she also practiced her firebending.

Helping Team Avatar

In the spring of 244 AG, Avatar Miranda and her friends had went on a journey all the way from Ba Sing Se to the Swamp, just to see Huang-Gi. They had talked to Guardian Tyro, who by then had been kidnapped by Lady Li-Hua along with all the other Earth Guardians and knew she could help them defeat her.

Huang-Gi refused to join them at first, as she did not want to help the Earth Guardians because they did never want her help in the beginning. However, after thinking it through, she joined them in fighting Lady Li-Hua and her helpers, with the knowledge about the "union point" in mind.

Although they did not manage to defeat her, Huang-Gi felt like her work was done, so she returned to the Swamp.

Working at the Agrarian Park

Some weeks later, Huang-Gi learned that Team Avatar had managed to defeat Lady Li-Hua once and for all. She received an invitation to the opening of the "Agrarian Park", located in the Agrarian Zone between the Outer and Inner Walls of Ba Sing Se.

Huang-Gi went to the opening, and at some point, she decided to say goodbye to her beloved swampbenders and move to the Laogai Region to work in the park.

Raising a family

Working as a receptionist in the lobby of the Agrarian Park Hotel, Huang-Gi encountered Nora and Zing Dang, who were a couple. At some point, Huang-Gi fell in love for the first time, with Zing Dang, and eventually, the two of them became a couple.

They later married and got one daughter who they named Min, who was, at some point discovered a firebender. Throughout her childhood, Min never had any contact with her maternal grandmother, and neither did Huang-Gi herself.

Huang-Gi and Zing Dang later divorced, and a distance was growing between Huang-Gi and her daughter.

Eventually, however, Huang-Gi, Min, and Zing Dang all managed to figure out a way to live their lives in harmony. They still have contact and are there for each other no matter what.



In her youth, Huang-Gi did not master firebending very good. However, after a lot of practicing in the Foggy Swamp, she demonstrates great skill, developing her own unique style, with movements similar to waterbending, probably because she was practicing with the swampbenders.


Huang-Gi's personality was harshly affected in her childhood, with her mother telling her what to do and how to act, all the time. Due to that, she did not have a good confidence at the time, though she at least was conscious enough to travel to the Earth Kingdom on her own, hoping to change her life.

While working for Lady Li-Hua, she actually felt useful, but when she found out the truth, her confidence got bad again, as she felt betrayed, even more after not being trusted by the Earth Guardians. However, her whole life got better when she moved to the Swamp, and she started to see the light side of things in general.

Despite always having been good hearted, she has something of a rude attitude. As seen when Team Avatar asked her to join them in fighting Lady Li-Hua, she refused to help at first, but when she sort of talked it through with herself, she realized that she had to join them.

When in family drama fights, Huang-Gi is a tough opponent, screaming to get her will, though that is something her daughter has gotten from her.


Zing Dang


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