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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

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Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Huan Zhu is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is also a supporting character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legend of Anana.


Anana had arrived at the Fire Nation two days before her audience with the Fire Lord. While eating at a restaurant she was approached by Fire Nation man. The man introduced himself and they had gotten to know each other better.

Anana was interested in this young man, who was also circus ring master. He had also mentioned that he was a master firebender. He had demonstrated some moves to impress the young woman. After two days, before going to meet the Fire Lord, she had asked Huan Zhu if he wanted to be her firebending teacher.

When the time came for Anana to meet the Fire Lord, he had her choose three masters that she could choose from to be her mentor. She refused any of the three that the Fire Lord had chosen for her. And with all respect towards the leader of the Fire Nation.

She had said that she had already met a firebending master, a ring master by the name of Huan Zhu. Hours later, Huan Zhu was presented to the Fire Lord, and he was asked duel one of the Fire Lord's elite guards to test the man to see if he actually was a master.

Huan Zhu had bested the elite guard of the Fire Lord, and the Fire Lord accepted Huan Zhu as Anana's mentor. From then, Huan Zhu had taken Anana to go train within his circus tent.

Taking several weeks until she had at least been able to spark an ember in her hand and be able to control it. If at any time she had lost control of the fire, Huan Zhu, would tame it and extinguish it.

Of course Huan Zhu had also begun to have feelings for Anana and she did to him. Several months later they had sparked a relationship, and they had been the talk throughout the capital city.

The time of departure from the Fire Nation had came for Anana, and at the end when she had gone to one of the female air temples, Huan Zhu had noticed that it was a far distance from the Fire Nation.

Feelings Fading

Their distance and the restrictions that nuns had on the air temple where she trained did not allow Huan Zhu and Anana to see each other. Their feelings for each other began to fade away.

Though eventually after learning that Anana had mastered all four elements he had paid the Avatar a visit a few years later. Upon reuniting with a former lover he had discovered she had been with child. Instead of staying any longer he had left the Southern Water Tribe.

No contact between the two over the next several years. Huan Zhu, finally found himself a keeper. A professional fighter, she had traveled the world and dueled other benders in arenas for money.

Making a name for herself around the world, though only Huan Zhu was famous only within the Fire Nation. After the two married, she had retired from professional fighting and became a housewife. She bore Huan Zhu, two sons who later became part of his circus. As the twin ring masters known as Cho and Ro, they were also a famous attraction in Huan Zhu's circus.

After their father had retired from the circus traveling life, he left the circus to his twin sons.

Blood War

Several months later, he had received a letter from the Fire Lord, there was someone there who wanted to seek audience with him. When he arrived he was in a room, with an earthbender and an airbender. Not knowing who they were a woman came from the curtain doors behind the earthbender and the airbender.

It was none other than Anana herself, she had requested aid from Huan Zhu. She need assistance in helping Anana defeat her husband, Tuuluuwaq and his bloodbenders. Huan Zhu, agreed and they had prepared and had gone off to their mission.

When they had defeated their enemies they headed off to the Southern Water Tribe for a celebration party. And everyone had then gone off their separate ways afterwards.

Later Life

Huan Zhu had gotten a severe stroke at the age 82, and then had died from a heart attack two weeks later. His twin sons had still ran the circus, the circus was later passed down through generations.


Huan Zhu was born a firebender. When he had met Anana, he was already a master firebender who had used his abilities for his circus performances. He had never taught anyone firebending other than the Avatar, and his twin sons.


Avatar: The Legend of Anana

Book Two: Fire

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Two: Water


  • Huan Zhu is "ring master" in Chinese.

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