11eyes SDAG Misuzu Wall1 By The Snowbold Part of the Dreams of Melasa continuity.
Biographical information

Ice Blade


Water Tribe

Birth place

North Pole


Southern Water Tribe

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Ice Bloom

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Chief of Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe


Melas, Iruk



Huam was a Noble warrior from the Water Tribe who took to training the half-witch Melasa while her master, Avatar Tiros, learned to waterbend.


Huam was a warrior from the Water Tribe where he was trained by Iruk, a renowned waterbender. At some point in his youth, Huam traveled south beyond the North Pole. He found a mysterious weapon that could cut through almost anything. He met a strange man named Melas, who seemed younger than him but was far more wise. The young-seeming master took him under his wing and taught him the ways of the sword he had found.

Huam returned to the North Pole as a master with a great level of experience and wisdom of the world. Huam became one of the highest advisors of the Chief and trained many great warriors. He was there to hear that Avatar Tiros would travel north to learn waterbending in the North Pole.

Powers and Abilities

Huam is one of the most powerful and dangerous of the Water Tribe's warriors, using both his swordsmanship and waterbending to face any threat. As a student of Master Iruk, he was a renowned waterbender himself. What made Huam unique in the Water Tribe was his skill in swordsmanship, as he wielded a powerful sword that looked like it was made of ice. Having learned to fight from the Nifrin witch, Melas, Huam was very proficient in the art of the sword. Huam had a small understanding of magic and its application but admitted he couldn't do much with it.


  • Huam is one of the few people who truly knew Melas, a Nifrin witch.
  • Huam's weapon is an Ish Kash, but there is no record of its existence.

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