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Hu Li
Hu Li
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Iluna Rebels

Hu Li is an ingenious Firebending teenager in The House of Angkara. Being Amber's twin, he is equally as skilled in Firebending as she is. He has come a long way in learning under Tark.


Hu Li is clever, cunning, and quite comical. In addition, he is a master of patience. He often sets traps and waits for hours at a time to capture his target.


When he and his sister, Amber, were young, their father was caught committing high treason agains the Angkara family. The man plead guilty and was executed right in front of his kids'. Zhang Ankgara then decided to execute their mother as well, and the two children watched as she died in battle, fighting for her life so that her kids wouldn't be left alone.

Years later, Hu Li attempted to steal from a local baker. He was caught by an Angkara Sentry who threatened severe punishment, but Amber stepped in and offered a life of labor in exchange for his life.

During the mission to assassinate Zhang Angkara, it was Hu Li who fired a crossbow at the Prince's chest, failing to kill him. He was instantly pursued by Angkara Sentries and badly injured, but he was able to make it back to his team's hideout. There, they discovered Shen, and Hu Li was the only one who did not show immediate aggression. In fact, it was Hu Li who convinced Komin to let Shen tag along on their next mission. Later, Hu Li led the others to a secret room found underground in Tark's backyard.

During the Fanon



  • The name "Hu Li" comes from the Chinese word for "fox". This represents Hu Li's personality.

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