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How it All Began is the second chapter of Avatar: The Alternate Series. For the next few chapters it will be looking back on the main character (Kuzon)'s highlights during the course of the original series since in this series he was a member of Team Avatar from the start. This episode is about his last day in the Fire Nation before he disappeared.

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The sun rose over the Fire Nation Capital. It looked very different though, it was 100 years ago. There weren't as many guard towers at the Plaza, Caldera wasn't as big and the Fire Nation Palace itself was smaller. Prince Kuzon woke up and looked out his balcony at the sun. He jumped out of bed and got dressed. Before he even got out of his bedroom the servants were at him.

"What would you like for breakfast? Prince Kuzon," said the cook.

"Would you like a trip to the royal spa? Prince Kuzon," said another servant.

"Hot towel, Prince Kuzon?"

Kuzon refused them all, well except for breakfast of course. After breakfast he walked through the palace where he met his elderly father, Fire Lord Sozin.

"Good morning, Son," he said as Kuzon walked by. Sozin was a cruel and ruthless man when it came to a lot of things, but when it came to his children, he's the kindest man in the Fire Nation.

Kuzon said hello to his father and kept walking. He then met his mother who was carrying the 3 month old Prince Azulon in her arms. Kuzon loved his little brother more than anything and stopped to say hello to his mother and give Azulon a hug. Soon he reached the Royal Firebending Training Chamber. His teacher was waiting for him.

Baby Ozai

Prince Azulon.

"Good morning, Prince Kuzon," he said as Kuzon walked in. "Today we're going to try the fire stream," said the teacher. He demonstrated a perfect fire steam and asked Kuzon to try. Kuzon tried but his steam was only an inch long, Kuzon may be a great Firebender now, but back then he was still learning the basics.

After a few hours of training Kuzon went to the royal garden. A friend of his was waiting for him. Jin was the girl who Kuzon had a crush on. She lived across from the Palace, which is currently where Mai now lives. Kuzon said hi to Jin and they began to play a game of Fire Tag. Soon it was time for Jin to go home. Kuzon had made a promise last time he saw her that he would tell her how he feels about her, but he didn't this time. Kuzon promised to do it next time, but he didn't know this would be the last time he ever saw Jin.

On Ji


There was a meeting about to start in The Fire Lord's war room. Kuzon arrived wearing his royal armor but the guards said he was not allowed attend the meeting. Kuzon was confused, he was always able to attend these meetings. He went to his bedroom very upset. He didn't know that Fire Lord Sozin didn't want him there because he was planning the Air Nomad Genocide. He knew of Kuzon's friend, Aang, who was an Airbender, and knew Kuzon would try to stop him if he knew. Kuzon was sitting in his room almost crying when Aang appeared. "The monks are going to send me to the Western Air Temple for my Avatar training, I'm running away," he said.

"Can I come?" said Kuzon, still very upset about not being able to attend the meeting.

The boys set off. Aang said they were going to Ba Sing Se. Kuzon soon noticed a lot of ice. "Aang, we're at the Southern Water Tribe," he said, worried. Suddenly a storm began. Appa fell into the water. Kuzon swam up to the surface. He noticed the sky was turning orange. He didn't know the great comet was coming and the Air Nomad Genocide had begun. Then he felt something pull him under water.

The next thing he knew he was being poked by a strange boy, around 15 years old. He was poking him with a weird stick; that boy was of course Sokka.

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