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How She Felt
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Tales of Their World

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January 6, 2013


"Katara, you may share your vows." the elderly man said

Katara took Aang's hands and took a moment to look deep into his grey eyes.

Everything seemed to stop. The diamonds of lights shined a little brighter on the sea and the emerald flourished a little more on the leaves. The months leading up to this wedding have been hectic, but for this brief moment... She felt peace. Peace. It seemed almost unobtainable up until now. She knew what she had to do, and now was the time.

Just be calm. And she was.

"Like sweet honeydew you provide me nourishment

For the soul

Like a roof over our heads

You protect

You are my everything

I am your's too

Without you

I am nothing

Sky, Water

So far apart

Yet at the same time

So close

On this day

We become one

But long before this day

We were destined

Destined not only to fall in love

But to save the world

So that not only we could experience great peace

But so everyone can find that special someone"

There was an awkward silence. She was too afraid to look at her guests. She knew she did something wrong. Was it too cheezy? Too, in depth? But it was exactly what she was feeling. All her life she never truly told people how she felt. It was difficult for her to do, and she knew she had to do something about it. So she looked at Pakku, who was marrying them and gave him the signal to go on.

"I pronounce Avatar, and wife." he looked at Aang, with a half-smile, "You may now kiss the bride."

And he did, more passionately than he ever did. With more feeling than at the invasion, and more meaningful after Zuko's coronation. This was it, this was the day that they were officially wed, after a whole five years.

He picked her up, and carried her down the aisle. Grinning as he saw his closest friends cheering him on. This was the start of a long, long life together.

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