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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to House of Cards in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

House of Cards


Set after Season 1 of The Legend of Korra and taking an alternate route to the series, House of Cards elaborates and expands on a love story far too present in Book 1: Air to be left ignored. The House of Cards reminds us that nothing is stable and that everything will always be a delicate balance: Love and Hate, Hope and Despair, Law and Chaos, or even Good and Evil.


The Queen of Hearts is the ruler of this House of Cards, and her name is Tega. Once a Kyoshi Warrior, Tega abandoned her sisters-in-arms in favor of more pleasing things. Without support from abroad, the non-bender has adapted her way of life in Republic City to suit her everyday needs. Now, eight years after her scandalous departure from the warrior sisterhood, Tega is being swept away into another stream of tough decisions.

Republic City's Gangs are on the move with preparations for a big finale in a rare set of circumstances: Total annihilation of the non-benders. Every. Last. One of them. In order to accomplish such a daunting objective, the three gangs of Republic City have called upon each other in a rare moment of solidarity to pool their resources together and dispose of the non-benders to reclaim their city.

This dastardly scheme has been uncovered with just enough time to thwart the masterminds behind it. Yet for every fortuitous occurrence there remains a toll, and this is one that has yet to be paid in full. Tega has more on the line than her own life, and with uncertainty clinging to her every move she must decide: what is the meaning of the greater good?

The House of Cards emphasizes the importance of knowing when to play the cards you've been dealt, when to fold, and when to stick the dealer. It's a rediscovery of the utmost meaning behind being good, nurturing hope, protecting your loved ones, and upholding justice rather than wasting time as a bystander; It is a story of redemption.


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"The House of Cards emphasizes the importance of knowing when to play the cards you've been dealt, when to fold, and when to stick to the dealer."


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"That, my friend, is a brilliantly written summation. Honestly, that would make me drop what I'm doing and read as soon as I saw this. I have high hopes for this -- I'm looking forward to it!"
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