By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Killed by SCP-173

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Firebending (temporary), Icebending, Anti-bending


Pyramid Head

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Genie Cooper PT2

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HoundDoom, like his name suggests, is a deadly dog-like creature that is believed to be Pyramid Head's accomplice. Like the S.C.P, he likes to go around and try new things in already made worlds but his so-called "Tests" are much more dangerous and threatening. SCP may do some damage, but HoundDoom pushes that too far when he goes and kills others himself, thus making him a force to be reckoned with. He goes after targets for absolutely no reason, mainly because he has nothing better to do.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

He first appears here as just a blur when he goes in and nearly kills Salim soon after attacking Miss Decibel. He doesn't show up until later on when he confronts Aang, Smile Dog and Ghost. He shows his anti-bending skills by being able to bite into Ghost and use him like a ball-on-chain against the others. He goes on talking for a while until Pyramid Head appears again. A crazy fight breaks out until he too gets to a breaking point and breaths fire on Aang, accidentally shooting him through the portal home.

Arc 2

HoundDoom 2

his ice form

He shows up later after the incident, going through his plan to get Team Avatar back to the SCP. he takes them to the Western Air Temple, so no one else will see them. He only allows Katara free while the others were pinned down. He gets all truthful on her and gives her the offer of ether going back with them or be killed. He adds in on their world ether becoming a mutant playground or under a new ruler. He keeps her cornered and pinned her back as the Agni Kai happened. But when Azula and Zuko were at the edge, he was getting tired of waiting and blasts a firebreath at them. He goes for Katara next but suddenly she jabs an ice shard in his neck, changing his form from fire to ice. He passes out soon after.

He makes a rather brief appearance alongside Slenderman soon before the teams were captured. He was questioned as to why he was even there but he didn't really talk the whole time.

Arc 3

HoundDoom continues to travel alongside the trapped team as they were taken to the S.C.P Foundation. He was the only one who saw Ty still awake as they pass but instead of ratting her out he mouths her to not move as they kept going. He mouths something unknown to her after she sees Xerneas's mounted head.

After a while he appears in the testing chamber to give his test to Beast Boy. He had a personal test that wasn't understood by the other members until he started playing the trauma music to BB's brain. He watched in pleasure as Beast Boy suffered and explained in detail what happened as BB was taken away.

Later on, HoundDoom went on and was supposed to get Mas y Menos to their test, but they, along with Zuko, broke out. He immediately gave chase until he saw SCP-173 somehow out of his cell. He immediately freezes him and Mas Y Menos too. Also, he was about to kill Zuko when suddenly the power went out. When the lights came back on, he was found dead, his neck snapped by 173.

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