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Hougen GDA
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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se


Turned to stone

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Genba (brother)


Fire Nation (temporarily)


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Platoon leader (formaly), Fire Lord



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Book 3: fire - book 4: air

Hougen is a dangerous and cruel platoon leader for the Fire Lord. He only grew more cruel when his brother left the Fire Nation and Zuko leaving. He lost whatever sanity he had left along with his brother, his only supporter, leaving and it's because of his new found additive that he will easily torture anyone who even as simply annoys him.

Book 2: Earth

Hougen first appears when Zuko and Alam return to ask for Azula's help. Hougen rudely walks in, quoting the royalty as "LuLu and ZuZu" to hurry up with whatever they were doing. But when Alam steps in, he suddenly, and for no apparent reason, grabs Alam by the snout and thrashed him around like crazy, and tossing him aside. He tells him and Zuko that I'd they don't come back with the Avatar, he will kill them. Azula demands him to show respect for the royal children of Ozai. But he shows his so-called "respect" by burning Azula's leg! He then forces them both on their way, laughing devilishly afterwards.

He makes a crazy appearance at Ba Sing Se when he started to invade. He wasn't exactly after the city itself, but the Avatar. However he nearly kills the king anyways since he was there. He felt good to himself when he gazes out from his view from the palace at the battle. He ends up surrounded by the Dai Le and confronts his brother, Genba. He jokes around with him and tosses him outside, laughing like a mad man. He shows up later fighting Katara,Ty Lee and Alam when Aang catches up to him with the others. When he sees Zuko and Azula, he knew they were against him and starts lying to everyone. He starts with saying it was Azula whom set that invasion to exterminate the Southern Air Temple, and then he does a much more convincing lie and showed the head of Katara's father, saying Zuko killed him! It worked at first, tricking most of them, but Alam and GB figure him out and knock h down to where he threw Genba. A crazy fight ensured for a while until Aang was attacked by a shadowy dog, making him stop. It doesn't show very much what happened next in the second book, since the book ends with Aang passing out.

Book 3: Fire

Hougen didn't appear until Toph and Aang went to the Boiling Rock Prison. Hougen didn't bother that much during the talking done by Mai until he reminds her to say to keep an eye out for the Avatar.

Hougen appears later on the day of black sun, Watching Ozai as he was explaining things to his soldiers of what to do for when the time came. When Hougen went to see Ozai, Mai asks him why he was watching Ozai, saying that he doesn't talk to any test dummies. He finds Ozai looking down at his soldiers, and he suggest for Ozai to hide away. But when he denies, he suddenly blabbers on about not only there is two Avatar, but of he reason for him banishing Zuko and Azula for being ancestors to Roku. He shows up when the black sun event occurred, he shuts the doors and killed the Fire Lord! Just for the heck of it, he set the cut off head back on to trick the Avatar. The scene filled his heart (if having one at all) with laughter. Making him now leader of the Fire Nation by default.

Book 4: Air

Hougen appears in this arc in Ba Sing Se, his new palace. He is very proud of himself but he still had the Avatars to deal with. So in order to handle it, he made fliers and wanted posters of the Avatar so he can get some bounty hunters to give him a hand. He waited impatiently when some help did come around. When he ran out to see, he was knocked down to the bottom steps and was confronted by the boa brothers. He agrees to pay them a good amount of coins, but a confrontation over when he was gonna give them the money caused him to nearly kill one of the brothers, Jet. The confrontation stopped there, despite being called pathetically begging. But before they got to leave, another bounty hunter, Violet, came to him asking for the award too. But after he denies, he ends up getting blood-bended into agreeing with her. He tells Her to get Mai too if she came across her before Violet left.

Hougen appears later when GB challenges him to a duel. The fight went on for a while and he won the fight by throwing him up to the balcony. But when Team Avatar came in and try to save GB, Hougen ordered one of his minions and had both Aang and GB shot out of Ba Sing Se.

He brings Team Avatar to their prison hold, putting Zuko and Katara in the same cage, chuckling as Zuko calls him back. But later on he came back from a report from Bruge of a complaint. He didn't really care at first until he saw what the problem was (Zuko and Katara making out) and got grossed out. He opens the cage and accidentally starts the great escape of Ba Sing Se.

When Aang appears, he at first suggests a better location to fight, but he ends up fighting Aang right in Ba Sing Se. The battle goes inside the palace, but just before Aang can release the power of the staff, he ends up slicing the thing to ribbons! He was about to finish off Aang but after a lot of struggling, the staff gets revived. Hougen was about to escape when at the last second, he was blasted by the power of the staff, turning him to stone.

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