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The Story so Far

Chosen to represent the Southern Air Temple in the Sky Bison Polo Championships, Aang and Appa head to the Northern Air Temple but the duo get off course when they meet a hotman.

1 BG

~~Fire Nation Island~~

"Is it getting hot up here or what?" Aang asked. Appa roared. Aang looked at the ground under them. A crescent-shaped island soared past. "We must be in the Fire Nation! That means we're getting close to the Northern Air Temple! Yip, yip!" Aang snapped the reins as Appa flew faster.

On the ground, four men and one woman in uniforms patrolled the grassland. Appa soared over them. The group got on puma goats and followed the sky bison. A boy peered from behind the rock. He looked up. "Wow."

"I wonder what they want." Aang said, peering down. Aang yelped and fell on his back as a spear whisked past him. "I don't think they're here to say hi." Aang grabbed the reins and steered Appa to the left, dodging more spears. The woman got out rope and shot it at Appa. Appa's leg was caught. The boy jumped and Firebended a blast of fire at the rope. The rope snapped. Appa flew higher and then turned back. The group looked and saw a cliff. They tried to halt but flew off the cliff and into the murky water.

"Who's that?" Aang asked.

Aang lowered Appa to the ground and jumped off. The boy ran up to them. "Did you see that, it was so flamin'!"

"Who are you?" Aang asked.

"I'm Kuzon."

"I'm Aang." The Airbender introduced. "And that's Appa, my flying bison." Appa roared. "So, do you know who the thugs were?"

"The Yamiichiba Hunters." Kuzon said. "They steal rare animals and things and sell them at the black market. I think they wanted to sell Appa."

"Well, no one's ever gonna take Appa away from me! Lucky that you were there to help." Aang smiled.

"I was actually following them. The thing the Yamiichiba Hunters are after are dragon eggs but I want to ride a dragon. It's my dream, hotman!"

"Hotman?" Aang asked.

"Yeah, it's slang for someone you're friends with."

"Hotman." Aang repeated.

"For emphasis, you can say flam-e-o!" Kuzon said.

"So, where are you headed, my good hotman?" Aang asked.

"To the mountains up there." Kuzon said. The firebender pointed at a really tall mountain with jagged rocks all around it.

"What makes you think you can climb those?" Aang said. "Even an Airbender as myself wouldn't dream of going there."

"That's the point, hotman." Kuzon said. "Dragons are shy so they would love to live up there."

"Appa and I could take you." Aang volunteered. "It will be our pleasure after you saved us from the hunters."

"Flam-e-o!" Kuzon shouted.

Aang Airbended himself up to Appa as Kuzon climbed onto the saddle. "This is so flamin', hotman!"

"All right first time flyers we're ready for take-off." Aang said. "Yip, yip!"

Appa soared to the sky. Down on the island, the Yamiichiba Hunters saw the sky bison flying. They smiled and ran toward the mountain. Appa circled the mountain and landed on top of it.

"Let's go find some dragons!" Kuzon yelled.

Aang leaped off Appa. "Come on, let's go dragon hunting." Aang and Kuzon looked at the cave in front of them. It was pitch-black. Viper bats flew out of the cave, screeching. Aang jumped in front of Kuzon, and swung his staff. The viper bats flew in the opposite direction. "Dead end." Aang said.

"No, they were running away from something." Kuzon noted. "And that something could be a dragon!"

Kuzon ran into the cave. Aang looked at Appa. Appa roared in protest. "It's okay, you stay out here. We'll probably be more sneaky like that way." Appa turned facing the cave as Kuzon and Aang went into it. Meanwhile, the Yamiichiba Hunters scaled the mountain.

"Dragons?" Kuzon asked.

"Dragons!" The cave repeated.

"It's just an echo." Aang said.

Kuzon and Aang walked further into the cave. Drip. Water dripped from the ceiling. Aang looked up and gasped. Stalactites were pointed right at him. "Kuzon, look at the stalactites. They're too narrow. A dragon wouldn't be able to fit here."

"Aw!" Kuzon said. Kuzon turned and shot fire out of his hands. The back of the cave flickered until it was vanished by darkness. ROAR!

"Appa!" Aang shouted.

Aang and Kuzon ran outside. The Yamiichiba Hunters circled Appa.

"Get away from Appa!" Aang yelled.

Aang ran up to the hunters. A man leaped in front of him and Firebended a wave of heat at Aang. Aang twirled his staff, leaping over the wave. The Airbender landed and swung his staff. The man shouted and fell off the cliff.

"Dao Zhe!" The woman yelled.

She screamed and took a rope. The woman shot it at Aang's staff. Aang grunted as his staff was taken from him. One man jumped and shot a spear at the Airbender. Kuzon leapt in front of Aang and Firebended. The spear burned to a crisp and fell in ashes.

"Now, you have to deal with Nuzi!" The woman shouted and shot rope around Kuzon. Aang jumped and kicked the rope away. The rope tied up Nuzi. Aang shot a blast of Airbending. The Yamiichiba Hunters screamed as they fell of the cliff.

Appa roared as Kuzon and Aang sat on his saddle. Aang clutched his staff. "Wow, I never knew people could be so mean."

"That's life, hotman." Kuzon said.

"We have to keep on going." Aang said. "Appa and I need to get to the Northern Air Temple."

"Just set me down here." Kuzon said.

Appa landed. "Will you visit again?" Kuzon asked. "Of course, hotman. That'll be so flamin'!" Aang yelled. "Yip, yip!" Appa roared and took off into the sunset.

"Flam-e-o." Aang whispered. "Flam-e-o."

Aang and Appa vanished into the sunset.


-Yamiichiba means black market in Japanese. The hunters weren't thought of until this chapter was written.

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