By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation


21 (Book Five: Memory)


153 AG

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Team Avatar, United Forces

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Team Avatar

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Zach Tyler Eisen (Voice of Aang)

Hotaru (ほたる) is a member of the Fire Nation's Military. Brought to the position by his own will, he quickly grew high in the ranks for his mechanical expertise and piloting skills.


Hotaru became a part of the Fire Nation's military force when he turned 18, a rather young age for him to be rolled into the task force. He quickly began to prove himself by demonstrating his various skills in mechanics over the years spent, and rose up to a higher level appointed by Izumi, his mechanical attributes shown to the War Minister.

Just a week before meeting with Team Avatar, Hotaru was flying from the Fire Nation Capital towards the western coast, when one of the groups of Blimpus attacked his plane, thus crash-landing near the Sekitan Quarry. Unable to fix his plane, and unable to pass through the horde of Blimpus, he decided to spend some time in Sekitan, until he met Asami Sato sometime later.

Upon meeting Asami, Hotaru considered her famous, being the leader of Future Industries, often referring to her as Ms. Sato. After some small talk, Hotaru agreed to help the team through towards the Capitol. He soon returned to the quarry, asking the foreman for one of their armoured trucks for the passing. Soon as the others arrived, he informed them about the truck, and took charge in driving the truck through. While they were, Hotaru and the others got attacked again by the Blimpus, just making it out successfully.

When they arrived at the Capitol, Hotaru stayed with Eska, Desna and Ikki to keep guard as the rest ventured into the Spirit World. While waiting, he was found by Fire Lord Izumi, and soon confronted by El Niño until Team Avatar had returned. Hotaru stayed with Izumi to keep her safe while the rest went off after El Niño.

Book Six: Shadow

Sometime after the incident, Izumi decided to send Hotaru to the United Forces, seeing his skills in invention to work better there than as a deliverer of the Fire Nation. Soon, he became Asami Sato's assistant. Hotaru tested out a brand new aircraft he helped invent, proving to be a success, when he found Ziyou had shown up. He then explained to Ziyou how he got there, and about him inventing the aircraft.

He was seen later on, talking to Varrick, Zhu Li, and Lin Beifong. While talking, he revealed to them that the projects revolving around the new aircraft were going very well and would be able to be brought to the public by the following month. However, Hotaru was found by Quixico and was soon blasted away.

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