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Fire Nation


308 AG



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Firebending, Airbending


Taro, Palden, Sora,


Shirou, Shinji, Gephel, Anil, Kyong, Zhena

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Mrs. Ono, Palden

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The Stranger

Hotaru is a main character of The Avatar Rhythm Series.


Early Life

Hotaru was born to Goro and a Fire Nation noblewoman in 308 AG, growing up in Royal Chaldera City. As a baby, her feet were dipped in hot ashes, revealing chi path shaped scars that showed she was the Avatar. Goro, her father, did not like this fact, but decided to treat her well until she was told of her destiny. Hotaru slowly grew a disliking of the Avatar throughout her childhood after hearing about what Aang's forces did to the Fire Nation long ago, particularly in ruining a Fire Sage's temple. Whether it be from being an expert student, or bribery from her noble parents, she eventually became enrolled at Everburn Academy at age fifteen, aspiring to be a veterinarian.

Fire Nation (After Shirou's Arrival)

When Shirou escaped to the Fire Nation, he first ate dinner with Goro and Hotaru, who were quiet for most of the meal. The next day, Hotaru approached Shirou, and the exchanged their hatred for the Avatar, quickly becoming friends.
When Hotaru started attending Everburn Academy, she was also accompanied by Shirou, and they happened to be in various classes together. After a lesson in Avatar Studies, Shirou made a plan to break the Avatar Cycle, and Hotaru agreed, planning to have a meeting with him to form an attack on the Avatar.
Later that week, Hotaru participated in The Fire Days Festival, where she overcame her fear and presented a well-liked show, including an unexpected lightning strike.
During her and Shirou's meeting, after discussing possibilities of who the Avatar was, Shirou was practicing inducing the Avatar State, and he accidentally made Hotaru enter it, revealing she was the Avatar, quickly running away. Hotaru found put her identity by looking into a mirror at the time.
Soon, on her way home from Everburn Academy, Shirou ambushed her because he knew she was the Avatar, ignoring their past friendship. Hotaru reacted quickly, and blasted Shirou off the face of Royal Chaldera in anger, returning home.
After a few days, Hotaru was ambushed by her father's men, who framed her trying to kill Taro, sending them into an illegal to-the-death Agni Kai. After entering the Avatar State, she put up a good fight against Taro, partially erupting the dormant volcano under Royal Chaldera City, only being drawn to a tie by Shirou, who had ambushed Goro, and presented him as guilty.
Afterwards, Hotaru was presented to the Fire Nation as a hero, and she quickly left to The Western Air Temple to continue Avatar training.

Air Nomads

Hotaru quickly was sent to the Western Air Temple, her transportation methods unknown. She started learning Airbending with Sister Palden, who was fairly strict, but taught her faster than any Airbender had ever before.
About three months later, Hotaru was tested by Sora, and was declared a master Airbender, even under intense stress and willingness to be disobedient.
Soon, Shirou arrived at the air temple to face her, but when the time came, he felt too guilty to kill Hotaru, and allowed Gephel, who had arrived at the temple with the other Quadrination Bandits, to attack them. Hotaru saved them from a horrible demise, only under the condition that Shirou would tell her everything that was going on, which he did. When they returned to the temple, The Procession had arrived, and she chased Shirou and Shinji, suspicious of their past crimes. When Hotaru caught up with them, the duo had betrayed each other and been attacked by Kyong, and they engaged in a four-way duel. Afterwards, once Kyong was knocked out, Hotaru volunteered to hold him off so Shinji could escape, him and Shirou once again.


Hotaru has a fairly upbeat personality, and is very obedient. She cares for everyone equally, and deals with her own problems herself, including realizing that she was the Avatar, a harsh secret that could have torn her apart, but she instead dealt with it and did what was told. Only very rarely does she get mad or betray others, as shown when she confronts Shirou in The Winds of Destruction: Part 1, when she gives him many chances, tries to help him, but finally is too frustrated to deal with his corrupted mindset. She is very intent on getting stronger, and goes through hard exercises to achieve what she needs.



Hotaru is an expert Firebender, and being her native element, she is much stronger with fire than others such as air. She was able to augment flames before even starting Avatar level training, told by her Everburn Academy teacher she was a Firebending prodigy, and generated lightning during the Fire Days Festival. Even when she fought against Fire Lord Taro in an Agni Kai, she triumphed, and showed several incredible Firebending tactics, aided by the Avatar State. Among these were lightning redirection and the ability to erupt a dormant volcano herself.


As the Avatar, Hotaru is also an Airbender, and because of Sister Palden's intense training exercises, she is a very powerful one. While favoring Firebending, she still uses Airbending in fights regularly. It is unknown how extreme her Airbending capabilities are.



  • In Japanese, Hotaru means "Firefly". This could reference her Fire Nation heritage, her usual bright optimism and aura, or the fact that she is both a Firebender and Airbender.

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