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Hot Pursuit is the eighth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


As Chen tells Mina and Kaila of his life stories, he finds himself cut short under an ambush by Mitsuki and her friends. The team is terrified by the girls unmatchable abilities, and they are forced to run away. Mina, however, decides they must fight the girls, and the children fight on a train. Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee are able to defeat Kaila and Chen, though Mina is able to save the two by stopping the train suddenly, throwing Mitsuki and her friends off the train and letting the rebels escape.


The chapter opens with Chen telling Mina and Kaila about his father, and life in the palace. Mina, however, asks him who this Mitsuki girl he keeps talking about is. Kaila answers it is the Supreme Princess, and awares that she is Chen's sister. Chen tells the girls she is a Firebending prodigy, and that he is far behind her level. Kaila, however, says she thinks they could take her in a battle. She was soon cut short, however, as a blast of blue fire causes her tent to explode. The team turns to see Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee on mongoose dragons. After a quick "conversation" between the two teams, Chen, terrified, tells Mina and Kaila to run away. Kaila and Mina, however, refuse to back down, though the three girls jump off their dragons and attack Mina and Kaila. Terrified, Kaila and Mina comply, and the children run away, barely escaping a jet of blue fire and few blades.

As the children run, Mina realizes her left arm feels numb. Chen knows how this happened, and he takes Mina and Kaila over to a secluded ditch. Mina asks what is wrong with her, to which Chen informs her that she was hit by one of the girls. Kaila asks which one, the aggressive Firebender, the gothic blade thrower, or the happy looking circus girl, to which Chen quietly says Tam Mee, then later informing Kaila that it was the happy girl. Mina asks what Chen's sister is doing out in the wilderness, and Chen tells his friends that now, they are going to have a very heavy burden chasing them. Kaila, angry, gets up, only to find out her thigh has been scratched and slightly scorned. Chen offers his hand to Kaila, though she rejects it and gets up on her own.

Lightning attack

Mitsuki attacks Mina and Kaila

Meanwhile, Mitsuki reads a map of the surrounding areas, in which Tam Mee is shown trying to get a peak of the map. Quanlee nonchalantly makes a comment on a poster taped on to a tree advertising "Crispy Railway", a train company. Mitsuki takes the paper from Quanlee, and says this might just be the ticket she needs to find Chen and his "girlfriends". Tam Mee then makes joke abut Chen "cheating on Quanlee", in which Quanlee pushes her into the mud. Mitsuki orders the two to stop, and then finishes reading the poster. She then tells Tam Mee and Quanlee to leave their lizards behind, as they have a "train to catch". At that moment, a train speeds by, in which Mitsuki propels herself onto the train with Firebending, while Tam Mee cartwheels onto it and Quanlee climbs up it using her blade.

Meanwhile, Mina, Chen, and Kaila come across a train as well, in which they also decide to board. The three are barely able to climb on top of the train, though it comes to a slow stop. The team then sees the station, in which all the people are shown bowing. As the train moves a little more, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee are revealed to be at the station. Chen and Kaila are ready to leave, though Mina stops them, saying they need to "face their fears". Mitsuki smiles at hearing Mina's words, and the three girls quickly make their way to the top of the train. Chen prays that Mina was right, and then fights his sister. Chen shoots a few fire blasts at her, though Mitsuki dodges them all and fire several blasts of blue fire at Chen causing him to lose his balance. Meanwhile, Tam Mee cartwheels over to Mina and tries to paralyze her, though Kaila drags her away. Quanlee then fights Mina, splitting every arrow Mina shoots with her blade.

The fight continues, though Chen finds himself losing his balance. He attempts to shoot some fire at Mitsuki's head, though she blocks it with ease. She then kicks a swirl of fire right at Chen, and before he can dodge it, she creates a bolt of lightning, zapping it near Chen's feet, throwing him backwards and defeating him. Meanwhile, Tam Mee paralyzes most of Kaila's body parts, and Quanlee finally pins Kaila to the roof of the train. The three girls then all turn to Mina. Horribly out numbered, Mina runs across the roof of the train. Kaila and Chen looks surprised, wondering if Mina would actually betray them like that. Mitsuki, however, knows what Mina is trying to do, and shoots a huge jet of blue fire at Mina, though she is just a second too late, and Mina is able to make it to the train's control room, and pull the lever that allows the train to move, stopping the train at a very sudden rate, throwing Mitsuki, Tam Mee and Quanlee off the train.

Mina then reaches her friends, and then she is able to heal Chen's wounds with a wet cloth, allowing her and Chen to carry a Chi-blocked Kaila off the train. Meanwhile, Mitsuki looks onto the burned train in anger. Tam Mee desperately tries to get the dirt off her shirt, while Quanlee states this may be harder than Mitsuki thought. Mitsuki, however, assures her friends that Chen won't have the train to protect him forever, and that one day they will have to rely on their own strength, and that she'll be waiting. As the chapter closes, we see Mina, Chen, and Kaila stumble upon a large lake.


  • In The Fire Lord's Son, Tam Mee expresses enthusiasm over braiding her hair, and in this episode, she is shown with braided hair.
  • Much of this episode was based on the canon Avatar episode, The Chase

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