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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King.

Chapter Sixty-Five: Horror

None of them understand.

To take a life like that . . .

It's horror.

I thought Katara would understand.

She had the choice to a take a life, and she decided against it.

You always have a choice.

But she doesn't.

None of them understand.

So how can they just . . . expect me to . . . to just end him?

He stares at the floor, and a deep groan escapes his lungs. "This goes against everything I learned from the monks." He paces back and forth through the courtyard, looking not at them but at the ground. "I can't just go around wiping out people I don't like . . ."

Then I would be just like Ozai. I'd become the monster.

Sokka snorts. "Sure, you can." No. You don't understand. "You're the Avatar." His heart pounds, and he shakes in his fury. "If it's in the name of keeping balance . . ." One hand spasms into a fist, and he struggles not to scream at them. "I'm pretty sure the universe will forgive you."

The final string snaps.

He swivels on his heel, his blood rushing to his head, his throat burning, his voice rising like a drum of war—the very drums he is attempting to stop from thundering through the world in a firestorm.

"This isn't a joke, Sokka!" he cries, his inner Firebender rising. "None of you understands the position I'm in!"

He can tell by her voice that she does not understand. "Aang, we do understand. It's just—"

His eyes narrow. "Just what, Katara?! What?!"

"We're trying to help," she snaps.

His hand spasms again. "Then when you," he roars, pointing at her, "figure out a way for—" He places his hand onto his heart. "—me to beat the Fire Lord—" He slices the air with an arm. "—without taking his life, I'd love to hear it!" He flings his arms into the air and turns.

They don't understand.

I thought she would understand.

I thought . . .

But she doesn't.

She can't.

She . . . wasn't . . . raised . . . like . . . me . . .

She . . . wasn't . . . raised . . . with . . . the . . . monks . . .

She doesn't understand.

Life is precious.

"Aang, don't walk away from this." He can feel, using his seismic sense, her stepping towards him as he leaves, but something stops her.

A hand on her shoulder.


He was right.

What am I going to do when I face Ozai?

He ventures away from them, his steps cold against the floor, and a sudden image of horror fills him, the idea of Ozai's body, cooling beneath the pads of his feet.

But then . . .

The image of Katara.

Of life with Katara.

Of a girl who doesn't understand his ways.

That is horror.


Heh, I don't blame Aang. She doesn't understand. That's absolutely true.

Cha, PSU just up and said everything I wanted to put here in the comments below.

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