By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Limber farm

Physical description


Personal information

Mr. Limber, Spike

Chronological and political information

Crow, Spike (temporary)

First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.12

Horn is another one of the hybrid pigs on the farm, and accomplice to Crow. He is a friendly pig and likes to help Crow, especially when he was leading the group for the while. He is one of the two cow pigs on the farm.

Fauna Involvement

Horn wasn't directly described in the first chapter. He was only briefly said among when he followed Crow into the farmhouse.

After Mr. Limber had left without feeding them, it was Horn whom single-handedly found the food shed. And he was trying to break in before Crow found him and told him to get out of the way before Henry knocked the door down. He waited with Crow for the animals to get their share and joined him in the feast. It wasn't clear how much involvement he had done during the battle that followed after though.

Horn comes in later next morning, with a bucket full of white paint. He was told to get some so Crow can write in the commandments and he explained to Tyler and Red about not only that, but also the house exploration that Spike is currently doing. After explaining, he walks off to help Crow. When Crow was done, he read aloud each rule to the other animals as instructed by Crow.

For the weeks that followed, He was helping out Crow with the plan for the new mill. He was appointed as Crow's successor during the time and helped him out during the meeting.

He was briefly mentioned during this. As all the other pigs took residence in the houses, Horn was the only one who didn't follow. He was the last to leave when they all check the rules for the barn, sure that they were switched.

After the explosion occurred, he and Henry were the only ones who found Mr. Limber alive right before he passed on. As time went on since then, he would usually go to the feasts, him being a pig and all, and give most of his food to the other animals, and even share the milk and apples.

During the big meeting, Horn remained outside as the execution occurred. He was the sole witness to the execution and told the other animals about it. The next day he saw the commandments and decides to join Tyler and Red in running away, but also says that it's too risky, it being winter at the time, so they agreed to wait until the weather was better.

Horn went over to Henry's stall sometime after the accident to see if he was okay. He tried to keep his spirits up when Shawn came to tell him the news. Horn wasn't so sure at first but realized he was telling the truth so he was hopeful for a while. This soon changed when he read what the truck was for, and raced off after it when it left. He tried convincing Henry to break out but it was hopeless.

When the meeting occurred later on over Henry's death, Horn reveals to everyone what was really said on the truck, which was the slaughterer. He calmed down slightly though when he was told it was just previously owned by the slaughterer and was donated to the Ba Sing Se hospital.

Horn was unable to sleep on the night before the anniversary was to take place, so he had decided to go and see the commandments. He was the first to figure out the horrific change and got all the animals to see as well. He wanted to go but the meeting tomorrow was required by all animals to meet so he had to wait until that was finished.

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