Sokka looks up to Aang and says, "I don't get why I have such a terrible smelling sleeping bag every day I soak it in that river over there."

Aang glances over to see what Sokka is talking about. "You mean that mud hole." Aang looks at Sokka and then at a Boarcupine that is splashing in the hole. Because Aang is such a friend of animals, he goes to look. The Boarcupine was young, less than a year old. Aang heads to look for some food for it. He heads in the woods searching for some berries. He see's that Hope is in the woods and sees the baby all dressed in a Fire Nation dress. Her parents come and they too are wearing Fire Nation clothes.

Aang starts to worry that they are captives. Aang comes closer and closer and in a while he reaches the family. "It's me Aang," Aang whispers still half afraid. "Avatar Aang."

The mother seemed very happy to see Aang. "We need your help. Hope is getting older and we are having more and more problems."

"We no longer can be in Ba Sing Se so my husband got a job at the Jasmine Dragon, but we no longer can maintain the prices of a house so we live in this forest with no shelter Avatar Aang we need you!" Aang made a large earth tent about as big as the one Toph made when Hope was born he made chairs and beds so that it did look like a house. He gave them the berries he found and made an earth cupboard Hope seemed to remember Aang and Aang made some toys for Hope. He gave all the strength he had so he could add a hill for Hope to play on but to Hope it was a Mountain. Aang knew that Hope was too young to climb the mountain but soon she could and she climbed it everyday.

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