By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Xing Ying
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Book 3: Fire -

Hope is one of a small group of surviving Air Nomads from the Eastern Air Temple.


Hope and her people used to worship and respect the Lion of the Air temple until some dogs had captured it and sent it away. She felt devastated that their god was taken from them. When Team Avatar came, she agreed to let them stay until an invasion from the Fire Nation forced them out.

Book 3: Fire

Xing Ying covers her tattoos

Hope telling Aang about Appa's death.

Hope appeared with the other nomads on the Fire Navy ship when Aang came to from his unconscious state. She walked over to Aang with Appa's horn and broke the news of Appa's death to him. She tried to calm him, but Aang ran off crying.

Later on that night, she woke up with Korra when Zuko just had his first fortune dream. She came outside to check on him when Zuko told her about the dream. Concerned, she asked if it was hard in his dream to keep his eyes open, but when he replied yes, she was cut off by a Metalbending scroll wolf, becoming annoyed that she was interrupted.

The following morning, she was found with Zuko and Azula meditating when Aang called for her to come along to get some supplies.

After finding out of Katara's airbending, she and Aang both agreed to train her in the ways of the nomads, mainly because she was thrilled that she go as far as to learn airbending to act like them.

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