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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the released chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Mel.

Hope (fanon)
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The Fire Mistress, Great Fire Sage Chan, Unnamed Fire Sages

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Chapter 2: Hope

Hope was the deuteragonist of the story Avatar: The Legend of Mel. She was first seen in the second chapter of book one. The chapter was named after her.


Hope was a rebellious girl that opposed the Fire Mistress in her despair of remembering the loss of her father. She later escaped on an old Fire Navy ship. Her luck ran out when she was attacked by an Earth Kingdom ship. She was forced to swim to the enemy, but that was made easier on her when she learned that the Avatar was traveling on the ship. Unfortunately, due to her excitement, she had forgotten that she was thought an enemy. This resulted in her being hit by a giant wave that made her pass out.

When she woke up, she was visited by Mel, the Avatar. She was quite excited to talk to him, but he behaved strangely. Finally, they settled on Hope coming with Mel to find the heatbending master that Mel had been tracking.

When she arrived at the Southern Air Temple, the location of the heatbender, she was surprised to find out that it was Azula. Though quite suspicious towards Azula, Hope agreed to train with her.

After the first train session Hope and Mel climbed on the top of one of the highest mountaintops around. They then observed the sun until they were interrupted by a thunderstorm. For the next two days Hope trained and listened very attentively. At the end of the third day she and Mel revisited the mountain top. In the end, they shared a romantic kiss.

That very night, Hope made a second attempt to end the Fire Mistress. Later she was shot with lightning which severely injured her. Her life was saved by Mel who entered the Avatar State.

After a few weeks of travel and a few attempts on Mel's life, Hope finally reveals her deepest secret to Mel - that she is Zu Yang's daughter, and how the Mistress wiped out her family.


Hope is rebellious, strong and very suspicious. On the other hand, she will do almost any reckless thing to end the Fire Mistress, the woman who killed her father.


  • The character got that name because her father knew Than, and his daughter had died in a battle against the Fire Nation. So, in honor of their family, Hope's father named her Hope.

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