By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Fire Nation


101 AG (assumed)

Physical description


Personal information
Bending style(s)



Mai (daughter)


Zuko, Fire Nation

Chronological and political information
  • Fire Nation General
  • Governor of Omashu (former)
First appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.15: Omashu"

Hooro is a powerful general and the once proud governor of Omashu during its capture. He also has a daughter named Mai, yet treats her as more of an acquaintance than a daughter.


In the face of strangers and low rank, Hooro is rather rough and strict among commanders. In the face of royalty though, he seems completely changed to a more gentler and kind-hearted man, probably because of ranking matching or higher than his own. When it comes to his own family though, he doesn't take them lightly, and demands perfection. Naturally dominant, he doesn't take bad behavior well and will get rather distraught if the matter comes up.


Hooro first appeared in Omashu, still having his governor status. He showed up with his leading guards alongside his daughter, Mai, and asked for the status regarding the slaves. He then warned them that the Avatar was reported traveling north and would pass through Omashu (despite Aang being in Omashu already) and told them to keep a sharp eye out for him. When Mai began to complain again, Hooro told her that she should be proud to take over Omashu, which hardly helped Mai out. When General Hooro found the slaves missing, he immediately ordered the guards to go find them. When he did eventually find the "infected" slaves, he ordered them to get back to work at once, but found it wasn't working. Tricked into thinking there was a deadly plague going around, he ordered his guards to go and tried to get Mai to do the same. Eventually he did leave, losing his governor status almost immediately.

Sometime afterwards, his group came across Fire Prince Zuko, whom he greeted in a much more gentle manner. He invited the prince into his hut as they talked things over. He eventually agreed to help Zuko in his endeavor to capture the Avatar and told Mai what was going on once she asked.

Since this, Hooro had assisted Zuko in the attack on the North Pole, but Zuko claimed that he had been unable to find Hooro afterwards, assuming Hooro had drowned along with most of the other soldiers.

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