By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Hook GDA
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North Pole

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Team Avatar, Mel, Blue

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The Fleet (formaly), Team Avatar

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Book 3: Fire -

Hook is a Black and White Labrador that joins The Fleet with his close friend, Mel.

Book 3: Fire

Hook appears with Mel while Aang was being introduced to the others.

One night while he was sleeping, he was having a nightmare when Tom telepathically told him that he and Zuko were captured. He woke up freaked out and went to check up on Zuko, only to find that he really was gone! He woke up his friend and Team Avatar and told them what happened. He agreed to go and face Blue. When they do find him, he charged into the fence separating them but only dented it. But as a fight broke out and the landslide occurred, he broke through the fence and grabbed Weed before he got hurt.

Hook running with Weed

Hook and Weed fallowing Mel

After the landslide, he went to see Blue and saw him die in front of him. He was the last to leave, him remembering when they first met when they were little. He saids goodbye to him and leaves him behind.

He didn't do much else in the arc until he starts talking and agreeing with Alam just before the invasion, resulting in his absence for insubordination.

Book 4: Air

Hook, with his friend Mel, had agreed to go with Team Avatar when they were dropped off at the Eastern Air Temple Islands. He and Mel both went to look for Sokka and Suki, only to find them both making out in one of the tents, slightly scarring him! He agreed with Mel to tell it differently when they got back.

When Toph came back and was about to tell the two, Hook and Mel tried to stop her, but she went off anyway, leaving him praying that they weren't making out again.

Some time after they cane across Kaibutsu, he stopped when he saw Mel standing a ways behind. But he fallows him to Violet, whom which they grab and take back to Team Avatar.

He doesn't do very much until the gang started for freedom during the escape in Ba Sing Se. As they were running, he sees Mel grabbed by Bat and bolts back to help him. Just before Bat can get him, Aang saves ten both by air-bending at Bat.


• According to the timeline, Hook was the very first dog to meet blue when he gave him his snake as food.

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