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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

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"No one is going to mourn for an old bastard like you. No one will shed a tear over your sorry carcass."
— A paraphrase of Hook's statement to an elderly Fire Nation victim of his.

Hook is an 18 year old warrior and rebel against the Fire Nation's occupation of the Earth Kingdom. He was a leader of the guerrilla group known as the Freedom Fighters, until he was exiled for cruelly torturing a civilian.

Hook had Team Avatar's full trust until the depths of his psychopathy and paranoia were revealed when he savagely beat an innocent Fire Nation civilian, and they realized that he had an entire Fire Nation village destroyed, despite the lack of soldiers there and the sympathy its civilians had given to their cause.

Jet holds the poison knife
Hook, the Ghoul, the Guardian, (No birth name)
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom




100 ASF

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Hook swords

Fighting style(s)

Disarm and execute


Formerly: Freedom Fighters, Presently: Longshot


Fire Nation, Freedom Fighters

Chronological and political information




First appearance

The Freedom Fighter

Last appearance

The Lake


Prior to Book One

Book One:

Hook put his best efforts into ensuring that his past was unknown to everyone, Freedom Fighters and Team Avatar alike, excluding his long-time companion, Longshot. The two of them were the successful saboteurs of a Fire Nation factory, which attracted the attention of the Freedom Fighters. They were quickly recruited after further demonstrating their skills by incapacitating a pack of Fire Nation soldiers and interrogating them, discovering the location of a nearby village in the process.

After the previous leader was killed in a raid, Hook was unanimously voted to be the new leader due to his effectiveness and popularity. However, following the Fighters' realization that Hook's operation to destroy a Fire Nation town had killed only civilians and not soldiers, he and Quickshot were exiled from the Freedom Fighters.

Hook explained to Team Avatar that he and Longshot were currently targeting a village within the Fire Nation Occupied territory, and planned to liberate the town of Fire Nation soldiers. Later, while he and Sakodi were hunting, the soldier witnessed Hook kidnap and savagely beat an elderly Fire Nation man to death. When Sakodi confronted him, Hook explained that he believed that all Fire Nation people were scum.

As this went against Sakodi and Team Avatar's principles, Sakodi attempted to convince him to stop, but Jet sedated him and sealed him inside of the underground tunnel system that Hook used for prison and torture chambers. Determined to ensure that his plan went unhitched, Hook drugged Kyasin as well, and imprisoned her with Sakodi, sedated Sai and imprisoned her within a cage that was suspended above the ground, and tied Ain to a tree that he intended to light aflame.

Hook's combat style relies on using his twin hook swords to avert his foe's weapon away from him and then maim the opponent, and executing them by decapitating them with his machete. Hook takes the skulls of Fire Nation soldiers and civilians that he has tortured and killed as trophies, hanging them from the ceiling of his tunnels. Hook insists that he sadistically preys on these people because of an intense hatred for the Fire Nation.

However, a psychoanalysis done on him by the Dai Li concluded that he simply targeted the Fire Nation because he believed no one would care if they were killed off, rather than due to an actual deep-set hatred of them, but had convinced himself that he was doing it for "justice." His main weapon aside from his hook swords is a set of syringes and powerful tranquilizers, poisons, suppressants, and other chemicals.

The only person who's been successfully able to bring Hook into a peaceful state of mind is his long-time friend, Longshot, who left with him when Hook was discharged from the Freedom Fighters. Longshot is wholeheartedly dedicated to Hook, despite his clear mental issues.

Book Two:

After the Freedom Fighters drove him and Longshot out of the Border Forest, the two traveled west to the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se, intending to carve out a normal life for themselves, with Hook suppressing his violent urges. However, following the death of Longshot at the hands of common alley-bandits, Hook reverted to his old ways and became known as a local vigilante called the Guardian. Blaming the Fire Nation migrants of the city for the recent disappearance of the capital's citizens (these people being his victims) the Guardian incited the locals into a frenzied riot.


Jet's characterization in the Revised universe and use of vigilantism to cover up his psychopathic tendencies is inspired by the character of Rorschach, from the graphic novel Watchmen, by Alan Moore. The author of A:TLAR is a major fan of Watchmen.


Book One: Chapter Eight

Book Two: Chapters 13 - 15

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