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Hontna's Island
Physical information

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe outpost

Hontna's Island is a small island located in the Northern Water Tribe that, since 101 AG, has served as a military outpost of the North. It houses low ranking warriors of the Northern tribe, as it is said to be cursed by the spirit of Hontna.


Hontna's Island began as an uninhabited island off the coast of the Northern tribe, alongside various other small islands. During the militant uprising that led to the formation of the Southern Water Tribe, these islands were the site of the final conflict between the both tribes. Hontna, who led the final attack against the deserters, was killed on the island. Afterwards, the island was named after him, and it is believed his spirit inhabits the island, causing the death of anyone who steps foot there.

After the Hundred Year War, many small islands including Hontna's island were turned into outposts spanning miles out to sea.




Since 101 AG, Hontna's island has housed several warriors in several barracks. The barracks are placed in the middle of the outpost.

Notable figures

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