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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe


Around 50 (at death)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark grey

Eye color


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Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



His children (eventually)


Southern Water Tribe

Chronological and political information

Waterbending master
Chieftain of the Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

Hontna was an ancient Northern Water Tribe chieftain and one of the last casualties of the civil war that led to the formation of the Southern Water Tribe. After his death, an island was named after him that would ultimately become one of the North's outposts against outside threats.


Hontna lived thousands of years ago, and was one of the Northern leaders to fight against the waterbenders and warriors who would eventually leave the north and establish their own tribe in the South Pole. Among them were his three children.

Civil unrest

Hontna only began his attacks against


Hontna led an expedition to capture the escaping waterbenders and warriors, eventually meeting them in treacherous waters surrounded by several islands. He sent a large wave towards the first boat in front of him, capsizing it. He spent hours chasing after the other ships, even capturing a few waterbenders. As he was nearing another ship, his ship was cut in half, forcing him onto a small island.


Hontna's name was eventually given to the island he died on. Thousands of years later, the waterbender Sinaaq used it as a base before confronting La the Ocean Spirit. The island is believed to hold Hontna's spirit, causing the deaths of anyone who steps foot on it. Following the Hundred Year War, the island became one of the North's many outposts, housing the lower ranking warriors of the tribe.


Hontna was a waterbending master, able to hold off several opponents at once. During the civil unrest of the north, he was easily able to capsize a large ship hundreds of yards away.

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