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By Gingalover Part of the Viper's Venom continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Viper's Venom.

Biographical information

Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Republic City



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Elements, Bow and Arrow

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Northern style)


Korra, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Carra,Tanin,Naga


Nahash, Equalists

Chronological and political information
  • Fire Ferrets (formerly)
  • Team Avatar

Chapter One (Viper's Venom)


150 (for stealing the Bow and Arrow)

Honsho is a well experienced waterbender whom joined the Fire Ferrets during the year between the Amon and Vaatu event. Although a good friend, he is better off secluded in his own opinion.


Honsho is a rather bland and quiet person, usually one to keep to himself unless something just has to be said. Other than that, he doesn't reveal too much about himself aside from the basic things, like what he can bend or what his name is. Things like family and living is stuff he simply doesn't share to just anybody. The one fact he does make clear is his fact to keep secrets. One thing that he's good at is not giving information, even if forced to. So any information important is best given to him, which leaves him serious most of the time. Another good trait is that he likes being considered useful. The last thing he wants to do is waste his life for nothing.


Amon and his Equalists

The face that scarred him for life.

Honsho was born in the Northern Water Tribe city to a merchant family. He led a fairly good life, fairly decent existence for the most part until his experience with Equalists. His family travels around from the merchant job and one point it was decided to move to Republic City. He always wanted to visit there, hearing how unique it was compared to the rest of the world. However they arrived during the time of the Equalists and he had a very tragic experience with them. Since his parents are benders, they became immediate targets for the Equalists, and for Amon as well. One night, while he was asleep, his parents were kidnapped and he left to investigate, only to find his parents bending being removed right in front of him. He watched as his parents tried to fight back, but a lightning rod attack by one of the Equalists caused their deaths. He was caught by them and was captured by these Equalists. He too was paralyzed, but remained alive unlike his parents. He woke up in a prison hold owned by Amon, and remained in there for a week while Amon had to go to call on a meeting with the other citizens of Republic City. During this, he managed to get himself out of the prison, and ran away from the city afterwards.

Longshot's bow

Honsho's expert archery.

Honsho kept away from the city for a while, traveling alone as an orphan. He may have learned some waterbending but it wasn't enough to fully protect himself. That was until one night he came across a bow and arrow, from a merchant. It was unknown to him but the bow and arrow actually belonged to the fabled Longshot, making it very valuable. Since he didn't have any money, he managed to steal it from the unknown merchant and kept it with him since. Through the months he had it, he practiced the bow and arrow and became a self-taught archer. He caught the news that Amon was no longer around after he had made himself useful for his archery and waterbending. He heard the news of the Fire Ferrets as well, hearing they need members for the fighting championship again. Having nothing else to really do, and nothing to be useful for, he decides to take it as the waterbender of the Fire Ferrets.


Honsho is a mix of non-bender and bender. He is just as useful bending as using non-bending weapons. He had learned many waterbending skills while he lived in the city but ever since his encounter with the chi-blocking Equalists, he had also gained good archery skills, in case if there was a time he can't use his bending to protect himself against attackers.


  • The scene when he escapes from the Equalist prison takes place the same time Amon called The Revelation Assembly.

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