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Honour: The Eclipse
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5th July 2015

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"It was only a few weeks since Aang recovered. That faithful day in Ba Sing Se was the day I regained my honour. Ever since then, we had been travelling around the Fire Nation, waiting. Aang accidentally joined a Fire Nation school, Sokka made a sword out of a meteorite, and we were attacked by a man who can blow stuff up with his mind - Sokka calls him Combustion Man. Well, that's not his name, but... yeah. The Day of Black Sun came, and it was time for the invasion. I have the feeling I am in for an unpleasant family reunion."
―The Personal Diaries of Prince Zuko

The combined invasion force wrought havoc upon the Fire Nation Capital. Submarines destroyed the gates, stone floors were torn up, and fortresses collapsed in rubble. The great combined army circled the top of a large, dormant volcano - the heart of the Fire Nation. The tanks acted as cover, absorbing the bombardment of flaming tar balls.

Sokka and Hakoda, dressed in Water Tribe military clothing, complete with wolf helmets, sat behind a tank, viewing the map. Zuko sat with them, wearing green robes bearing the Earth Kingdom insignia. He may not have been an Earthbender, nor a citizen of the Earth Kingdom, but along with his uncle and the brave men that fought today, he was all that remained of their valiant resistance. Sokka was distracted, peering into the distant sky. "Sokka, is everything all right?"

Sokka squinted into the distance and shielded his eyes with his hand in the manner of a naval salute. "Yeah... Is that Aang?"

Zuko and Hakoda squinted at the small, green and orange blur. Aang landed in front of them. "Please tell me you're here because the Fire Lord was a big wimp, and you didn't need to eclipse to beat him," Sokka placed his hands on Aang's shoulders. Zuko folded his arms.

Aang avoided eye contact with Sokka and looked at Zuko's feet. "No, he wasn't home. Nobody was. They knew we were coming."

"Father is not a wimp. Do you think a wimp," Zuko pointed to his scar and shouted, "could do this?"

Sokka extended his arms. "Easy, easy. I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding."

Katara rushed to the scene, "Aang, is everything okay?"

"No, everything's not okay. Ozai knew we were coming. We lost the element of surprise," Aang said.

Katara placed her hand on Aang's shoulder. "Maybe we should use this time to retreat, make sure everyone gets out alive."

Hakoda stood up, clutching his chest. "No. Either we win here today or we lose the war tomorrow. Everyone here is willing to risk everything for the mission."

"There's an underground bunker in dad's palace. No doubt, he is hiding there." Zuko stood up and explained to Sokka, "I'll take Aang and Toph there, you need to continue the invasion."

Zuko led Aang and Toph to Ozai's bunker, using the chaos of battle as cover. Zuko defeated a few guards with firebending and opened a hatch. "In here." Zuko started a flame in his hand, despite the bunker being perfectly illuminated.

"What are you doing?" Aang raised his eyebrow.

"Well, think about it. The eclipse stops firebending. We forgot to bring an eclipse watch, so how else shall we know when firebending stops?" Zuko explained.

"Wow," Toph said, somewhat impressed, "that's actually quite smart."

After much walking, they reached a large metal door. Toph broke it down with ease, amazing Zuko. "Looks like I chose the right side!" To their surprise, Azula lounged in a large throne. Their jaws dropped with surprise.

"Were you expecting someone else?" Azula teased in a jokingly dramatic manner. "I had a hunch that you survived. We knew you would come after us, so we hid down here.

Zuko's flame faded. He smiled and raised an eyebrow. He pulled his dual swords from behind his back and pointed them at Azula. "Where is father?"

Azula flashed an evil smile. "Wouldn't you like to know, Zuzu?"

A large mound of earth encased Azula up to her neck. "You have no firebending now. You cannot get out, so you'd better tell us." Toph clenched her fists, tightening the mound of earth. "Unless you want to get squished."

The large mound of earth just collapsed. The benders revealed themselves to be two Dai Li agents, clad in their dark emerald robes. "Do you remember the Dai Li?" Azula taunted. "Just a souvenir of the last time we fought. You would like them Zuzu, loving everything to do with the Earth Kingdom."

Zuko pointed a sword at Aang and one at Toph. "Aang, Toph, get the Dai Li. I'll deal with Azula." He then pointed his swords to Azula and rushed her. Toph and Aang chased the Dai Li agents down the corridor and engaged in a long battle of earthbending. Zuko swung at Azula, who avoided the attack with ease. He continued many times, all in vain. On one occasion, he succeeded in slicing a thin strand of Azula's hair.

Azula flipped over and kicked Zuko in the face. He slashed with his sword, slicing the heel of her shoe but not touching her foot. "You'll never get me, Zuzu. You'll never get any woman." Zuko groaned angrily and slashed with more fury, still to no avail.

Zuko's rampage was only interrupted when the wall broke down. Toph rammed an agent through a wall and into a large metal beam. Grabbing both ends of the beam, she encased the agent in metal. "How's it going against your sister, Zuko?"

"Not good, I can't hit her without my bending," Zuko complained.

Toph cuffed Azula to the wall with a lump of earth. "Why didn't you say so? Now, what do we do with her?"

Azula smirked, her fringe covering her eyes. "Nothing!" Azula kicked at Zuko and knocked him over with a blue flame. Toph rushed to his side and picked him up. Azula fled down the corridor and the two gave chase. Aang ran around the corridor and met them. "Where's Azula?"

Toph and Zuko simply replied by pointing down the hallway. Zuko and Aang rushed down the hallway but Toph hesitated. "Toph, come with us. We need you to defeat Azula."

Toph shook her head. "Azula is not alone, it was a trap. There are 30 or so firebenders down that hallway. And they're coming towards us. Fast."

Zuko groaned angrily, once more.

"We need to get out of here," Aang reasoned. "Today's not our day, we can come back one day when they don't expect us."

Zuko rested his face in his hand. "Go," he said in a determined voice. "I'll buy you all the time you need. If I survive, I'll meet up with you. Just promise me something, win the war, go to Ba Sing Se, and find a woman called Jin, tell her... oh, she knows."

Aang nodded. "Bye, Zuko. We'll meet again. In this life, or the next."

Zuko nodded solemnly and shouted, "GO!" and firebended at them. As the men charged down the hallway, Zuko unleashed a barrage of fire balls. Some of the men were armed with pikes, some were firebenders, and others were Dai Li. Needless to say, Zuko did not last long before he was apprehended and brought before Ozai and Azula.

Zuko stood before his father and sister, his sister sitting at his father's right. Zuko's face was battered, his good eye was puffy, and his lips bled from all points. "Kneel to me," Ozai ordered.

Zuko avoided staring him in the eye. "No."

"Make him," Ozai ordered his guards.

A guard kicked Zuko in the stomach, lurching him over. He then kicked Zuko behind the knee, making him fall limply on the floor.

"Tell me, Zuko, why did you do it?" Ozai asked. "You could have been Fire Lord, you could have been a hero. You could have had your honour back. You betrayed your family and your country."

"No, I didn't," Zuko argued.

"What?" Ozai shouted.

"I did not betray my country or my family," Zuko explained. "The Earth Kingdom is my country. After the attack on the Water Tribe, I lived in poverty. You would not believe the kindness of those people. They fed us, they housed us, and they took care of us. These are people from war-torn villages, who themselves live in poverty. Yet they still found a copper piece or bowl of rice to keep my alive."

Ozai laughed. "How sweet. They're weak."

Zuko looked up to his father. "No, they are strong. Strong at heart. You are weak. Exiling your only son, just because he spoke out of turn. Burning your son, because he refused to fight you."

Ozai shouted, "Silence."

Zuko disregarded his father's order. "The poorest of the my country showed kindness not even the richest of the yours would show."

Ozai shouted, "Listen to me, Zuko, I am your father. Be silent if you know what's good for you."

Zuko yelled back, "I am not your son. Fathers show unconditional love, they don't make their children chase a little kid across all corners of the world. Iroh has always been my true father. And you, Azula, you're not my sister. You have never once shown me compassion. Even Katara, you know her. I have chased her across the world, attacked her home, and fought her countless times. And yet, she forgave me, she even offered to heal my scar. That is kindness I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Ozai turned to Azula. "Silence him."

Azula stood up. "With pleasure."

"And there is one last thing," Zuko spoke in a firm voice. "When this war is over, I'm going to go back home to Ba Sing Se and find a girl. A girl named Jin. And when I find her, I will marry her."

Azula walked to Zuko and punched him in the face with a large ball of fire.

Zuko collapsed to the ground, and his vision went black.

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