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Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


Fire Nation Royal Capital




122 AG

Physical description








Hair color

Dark black

Eye color

Golden amber

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, lightning, dual dao swords, throwing knifes

Bending style(s)



Above human strength and speed, ability of white flames


Zuko (father), Mai (mother), Mai Lyeen (sister), Lui Weng (brother)


Fire Nation


Those who threaten family or nation

Chronological and political information

Former Crown Princess, Current Fire Lord


Fire Nation


Zuko (formerly), Mai (formerly)


Iroh united general


Early Life

Honora was born in 122 AG to Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai during a time of new war with the four nations over the founding of the United Republic, and was constantly shielded because of such. Not long after the princess's birth she is named a very powerful bender in her own right.

When she became 5 years old she snuck out the royal palace to hang out with Lin, Bumi, and Kya, but is soon caught by a bounty hunter who wants ransom. Honora tries to fight back but is beaten. Seeing that she can't win, she runs away and escapes to ensure her own safety, but from that day takes an advanced weapons class under her mother and father.

When she is 8 years old she goes into Ba Sing Se with her uncle for a visit where she meets Azula, who is very angry of her title as the Crown Princess. This title was stolen from Azula. In the late hours of the night Azula attacks her in great anger, however Honora beats down Azula.

Dueling her Father

With the returning of Ursa and Azula to the royal court Honora talks with Azula quite a lot and the two train firebending together and become friends. In private one night, Azula and Zuko make a plan to test Honora's skill. So when Bumi and Honora are on a vacation, Zuko attacks honora in an all day hunt thought the woods of Ember Island.

This ends when Honora and Zuko fight using swords and Honora defeats his father and finds it was just a big trick.

Meeting Lee and the birth of new siblings

When on a date at Kuangs Kusin, Honora runs into Bumi's wingman, Lee. The two of them quickly become a couple leading to Bumi's anger to them both.

In the following year her younger sister and brother are born, serving to make her more independent.

Losing her mother

Soon after her younger brother's 7th birthday her mother passes away after an accident which leaves her cold and distant along with her father, especially after the deaths of her brother and sister.


The royal family repairs itself after many years, and soon Honora marries Lee in due time and the couple have a child named Iroh, after her legendary great-uncle. Not longer than 2 years later, she becomes a sea Admiral and aids the United Republic in tragic times of the crime lord Yakone.


In the last few years of her fathers life she learns that her brother and sister are living with her Uncle TomTom's family. She and her father travel to Omashu for a sad reunion. In the reunion her brother and sister come back to the capital and live there. Honora and the rest of her family make up for decades of lost time.

REIGN As Fire Lord: 167 AG-present

In 167 AG her father steps down and decides to become an ambassador. Before he leaves he says that he had never, even without bending, doubted her and makes her the new Fire Lord.

In 171 AG she will help Korra beat the spirit that had tried to kill her as a young child and she will help Korra find new Firebending.

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