By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
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Air Nation/Earth Kingdom


Air Nation/Earth Kingdom

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Southern Air Temple

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Olila, Matan, Gyema, Ging, Lyo, Linjon, Air Acolytes

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Airbending instructor
Air Acolyte instructor


Airbending master

Honni is an airbending master and the eldest daughter of masters Matan and Gyema, and the elder sister of Olila. She is a renowned teacher among the new Air Nation, teaching both young airbenders and Air Acolytes in both the Eastern, Southern and Western air temples.


Growing up in the Southern Air Temple, Honni was a dedicated and very polite student. While some of the other airbenders-in-training would often tease and make fun of the Air Acolyte students, Honni and her sister Olili treated them with kindness, and made many friends including Ging. Honni even attended Ging's wedding to Lyo, whom she had met many times when they were younger, and secretly hoped their children would be airbenders; something Ging had always hoped. Honni and Olila would later become aunts of sorts to Ging's son Linjon, who took after his father as an airbender, and Honni helped teach him the basics before his training was handed over to his grandfather Ogomu.

Honni was at the Western Temple when she heard of the attack on Haiqo by the Bouchang Pirates, and was happy to learn that Ging and her family were safe at the Southern Temple. Following Tirriu's berating by the airbending masters, Honni supported the idea of his children being raised and trained at the Southern Temple

However, a year later, she was informed that Linjon, with a number of airbenders and Air Acolytes had left the Southern Temple and went to the Earth Kingdom. Honni and Olila both arrived at Ging's home to console her, but tried assuring her that Linjon was safe. Reports emerged about Linjon's activities against Earth Kingdom raids, and several airbending masters were sent to find him including Lyo, Ogomu, Otaku and Meelo. A week later, the masters returned, having failed at bringing Lyo and the others back. Honni tried convincing them to talk to them again, but Meelo decided to leave them there to make their own decisions. Ging was left worried for months until they received word from the United Republic that Linjon had not only began his own organisation, but that he had also founded a new nation for airbenders; the Air Republic.

While Honni respected Linjon finding his own path, she remained appalled, like the other airbenders, that he had forsaken his previous airbending training and chose a more violent path.

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