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Hong Wu
Hong Wu
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18 (82 AG)
20 (84 AG)
30 (94 AG)
36 (101 AG)
38 (103 AG)
47 (112 AG)
50 at death

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Fighting style(s)

Knife throwing


Ming, Hoku, Konghe, The Mechanist, Kang Dae, Shuang, Yanshu, Long Feng


Suki, Jun, Reiko, Xiang, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Appa, Momo, Mai, Ai, Tai Kun, Bo, Ling, Rong, Feng, Kato, Iroh, Azula, Banhen, Mongke, Omar, Gahno, Ren, Kuong, Otaka, Wen

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First appearance

Duel in the Desert

Last appearance

Our Brightest Hour

Voiced by

Steve Blum


Avatar: The Assassin's Legend

In 84 AG, Hong Wu was deployed along with Ming, Hoku, and Konghe to kill Fire Nation General Reiko. Along the way, he and his friends were captured by Banhen and the Rough Rhinos and was thrown in prison. During his time in prison, he found out that his old mentor, Xiang, had joined up with Reiko, which sent Hong Wu into a rage. After he was tortured by the two, he was thrown in a cell and met Fa Ling Lu, who would later be known as The Mechanist. Later on, Hong Wu, Fa, and theothers made an escape, only to find out what Reiko's master plan was: sending a giant drill into the walls of Ba Sing Se. Hong Wu and Ming confronted and killed Xiang, and then killed Reiko on top of the drill. In the end, Hong Wu decided that this experience had taught him to be loyal only to himself and set out on a dark path with Ming by his side.

The Adventures of Team Avatar

Seven months after the War ended, Hong Wu accompanied his master, Jun to the mental facility where Fire Nation Princess Azula was being held and helped him kill all of the staff present and free her.

Book 1

Several days later, when Team Avatar was searching for Jun in the Si Wong Desert, Hong Wu tracked them down and informed his master of their location.

Over a week later in the Foggy Swamp, Team Avatar came yet again in search of Jun and his minions, including Hong Wu. He was worried that because the Order of the White Lotus had also discovered their location, they would be quickly apprehended. However, his master denied that and instructed his minions to capture Aang's friends with Hong Wu being assigned to neutralize Aang and kidnap Katara. Hong Wu performed his task excellently. He knocked Aang unconscious and kidnapped Katara and Momo.

After Aang was whisked away to the Spirit World, Hong Wu and Jun got into an argument with Jun saying he would not simply wait and Hong Wu calling him impatient. As Jun was about to strike him, Aang returned and he was spared a beatdown.

He later participated in the Battle at Foggy Swamp by engaging Aang in battle alongside Jun and Mongke. When the rest of Team Avatar as well as the Foggy Swamp Tribe arrived, Hong Wu knew he was outnumbered and suggested Jun to retreat. This resulted with Hong Wu being bombarded by insults by Jun. Enraged the knife-thrower drew one of his weapons and prepared to strike Jun down but he was water whipped by Katara before he could or before his master could see it. After Jun and Azula were captured, he and Mongke stayed behind in the swamp, secretly pleased with his master's capture because he was now in charge. After Jun's return, Hong Wu was relieved of his short-lived leading duty.

Book 2

Three weeks after the Battle at Ba Sing Se, Hong Wu managed to track Sokka and Suki to Kyoshi Island. He ambushed them and fought an inense battle with Suki. It was here that his rivalry with Suki was born as this was the first time they had interacted. During the battle he almost killed Ty Lee. He was eventually defeated by Suki and fled the island, quickly.

He and his teammates later arrived at the Eastern Air Temple and claimed it as their new, temporary headquarters. About a week later, Jun and his companions were summoned to the Great Divide by The Rebels. They soon realized they had been double-crossed and a fierce battle ensued. Hong Wu secretly met with Banhen afterwards and offered him three hundred gold pieces if he would kill Jun while strongly emphasizing that he was still not allies with the Rebel leader.

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Book 3

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Suki's Story

After Hong Wu was killed by Tai Kun in the Si Wong Desert, he spent all of his time in the Spirit World learning how to possess mortals. Once he finally perfected this technique, he located Team Suki and the Zhiming Assassins at Ba Sing Se, where their final showdown was taking place. Zipping in like a bolt of light, he decided to choose Shuang as his host and took control of him immediately, becoming Hong Shu. After revealing himself to his foes, a brief scuffle broke out between him and Team Suki. He was then stripped of his Waterbending and fled the scene shortly afterwards.

Avatar: Into the Light

Nine years later, Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors were trying to track down the makers of the Light Clan's armor, suspecting someone in the United Republic of Nations of manufacturing it. Once they got to Hu Xin City, they found Hong Shu was responsible, and was the head of the operation.


Avatar: The Assassin's Legend

Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow

Avatar: The Assassin's Essence

The Adventures of Team Avatar

Suki's Story

Avatar: Into the Light


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