By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"I guess you could call them metalheads."
"Oh you did not just say that. Ugh.
—Hong showing her trademark (lack of) wit to Sing's chagrin

Hong is a metalbender and former slave from New Omashu. She has a fiery disposition and has little patience for just about anything. She does, however, know when to back down due to disadvantage or capitalize on having the upper hand. She is opportunistic and perfectly willing to kill a foe that gets in her way. Her goals include finding a cure for her untreated augment, freeing the rest of her family, and taking the fight to the Overseers.

She's a bit of a jerk.

Early Life

Hong is the sister of Sing; the pair were convinced to flee after their family was unable to emancipate them under all the normal channels, and after a time this was made possible with help from Sabat, a friend and slave soldier who had like-minded ideas.

However, the group was unable to execute the escape before Hong had to undergo basic augmentation. Faced with forcing the group to escape prematurely or go through preliminary augmentation, she chose the latter. As final adjustments are made after identification augments are applied, she did not receive necessary treatment to stop back pains from developing.

Character & Abilities

Hong is an advanced metalbender who is supplemented by intermediate training in regular Earthbending as well. However, she is mostly untested; her technique lacks refinement and she has little discipline as a bender. This is offset by the fact that she is a great shot with many firearms, although her back pains reduce her aim somewhat. Hong's augment is only of the first safe stage, so it pains her greatly, possibly explaining why she has an ill temper. Or she could just be that way as evidenced by no change in personality when she gets it treated.

After training with the Avatar, Hong begins to improve her Earth and metalbending, as do the other students. When the party first met Wirebones, they were outmatched and only survived due to clever use of the environment, but by their final encounter Hong was able to fight him on the level despite being at a tactical disadvantage. As noted, Hong has some anger management issues as well as little sense of mercy. She has a mild-tolerance/hate relationship with the Avatar due to their conflict of ideals, but as their goals are ultimately the same she does her best to work with him. She also has similar conflicts with Zu and Owan, although they tend to back down or avoid volatile subjects unlike the Avatar. Additionally, while she openly detests the Avatar's "story time," she considers them somewhat therapeutic, along the lines of acupuncture, which she also dislikes. But, despite her claims and protests, she cares very much about the wellbeing of those close to her, even if she never shows it.

Author Comments

Hong and Sing were originally named Sing and Song, respectively. She was also hopelessly optimistic about everything and had a pet cat owl named Dumpling. Crisis averted.

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