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Fire Navy communications tower
Hon Shoi Hue
Physical information

Western Earth Kingdom

  • Fire Nation colony (formerly)
  • Red Revolt controled territory
  • Earth Kingdom city
  • Fire Nation Capital (formerly)
  • Ba Sing Se
Head of State
  • Fire Lord (formerly)
  • Earth King

Earth King Kuei

  • Fire Nation Navy (formerly)
  • Red Revolt (formerly)
  • Earth Kingdom
Location on map
Map of Earth
Hon Shoi Hue is a town located at the coast of the Western Earth Kingdom. The town was once under Fire Nation Navy control and served as a telecommunications centre for the entire Western Fleet.


Before 9 BG, Hon Shoi Hue was a booming Earth Kingdom city, and one of the heavily defended cities on the Western coast of the Earth Kingdom.

In 9 BG, the Fire Nation invaded the Western Earth Kingdom and sieged the heavily defended city for 100 days, before the defenders capitulated and the town became a Fire Nation colony.

As the Hundred Year War progressed, the Fire Nation Army gave control of the city to the Fire Nation Navy, who used the city as the main communications centre for the Western Fleet and Admiral Zhao's fleet that attacked the Northern Water Tribe in 99 AG.

When the Hundred Year War ended, the Fire Nation armed forces abandoned the city, thus letting the city fall under Red Revolt rule. During the Siege of Was Na Si, the city was an important target for the Fire Nation Army and Team Avatar, as they supplied all supplies to the forces occupying the neighbouring city of Was Na Si. After the liberation of the city, Noh Shoi Hue became an Earth Kingdom city once again.

Layout and description

Hon Shoi Hue is located in the idyllic surroundings of the Western shores of the Earth Kingdom, with perfect weather and climate. When the Hundred Year War started, the Fire Nation army occupied the city, adding several defensive positions to the already walled city.

The economy of the town relies heavily on the Military, as there are several blacksmiths and various armories that supplied the Fire Nation Navy.

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