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I Am the Solution


Part Two - Revolution



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July 5, 2015

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Same night, March 29, 171 AG


Why did it have to hurt so much?

Iesen tightened her coat closer to herself, shivering.

Cold wind was blowing trough empty streets of Republic City. Iesen tried to hold back tears. She was supposed to be planning the final battle with the Avatar and the Resistance, but she couldn't come back. Not yet.

She sat on the bench in Republic City Park, letting the wind whip her face. She was torn between her loyalty to the Revolution and the urge to get away, to run away as far as she could and never return, to go far away from Republic City and the Equalists.

But she already ran away once.

She wasn't going to repeat that mistake again. She was going to return and fight. This time, not for Amon. This time, she was going to fight for herself and for her parents. This time, she was fighting truly to equalize.

"Iesen, listen to me! I said I'm sorry!"

"Go away, Amon. I came back for the revolution, not for you." Iesen's voice was quiet but resolute.

"Iesen, I panicked, I didn't mean to do that! Please." Amon pierced her with his icy blue eyes.

"You did what you meant to do, Amon," Iesen replied, once again fighting the urge to cry. "You were my friend, but you had no right to threaten me, no right to decide what's best for me and no right to bloodbend me."

"I know, please, Iesen..."

Iesen's gaze met Amon's, but neither of them gave in.

"Good night, Amon." Iesen quietly walked out of the room.

Amon was left alone in silence.

The next morning, March 30, 171 AG

Sunlight was breaking faintly trough the nailed windows of the air temple attic, illuminating the space just a little bit, but enough to see without a lamp.

"I don't know what to do, Tarrlok. We are so close to victory, and I don't even know if I'm fighting for the right thing." Iesen's voice echoed in the small space. "I thought that he was my friend."

Tarrlok sat in silence for a few seconds. He looked even worse than few days ago, only a shadow of a man he used to be. "Noatak cared about you more than anyone, at least as far as I know."

"If he cared, he wouldn't do that to me," Iesen said, determined not to let tears show this time.

Tarrlok chuckled dryly. "Iesen, he is my brother, and yet, he took my bending. The first time he bloodbent me, I was thirteen. And I forgave him."

"But how could you forgive him? He hurt you." Iesen raised her head to meet Tarrlok's blue gaze. So much like Amon's.

"You know why? Because he's my brother. And there's nothing I wouldn't forgive him. It's truth, he did some horrible things. Spirits, I did some horrible things. But please, Iesen, forgive him."

"I'm not sure that I can ever forgive him," Iesen whispered.

"Please, Iesen. I need to know that you will forgive him. Do not leave him alone. I do not defend his acts, but I beg you to forgive him."

"Okay. I will," Iesen promised. "I will try to forgive him."

"Iesen, If you won't do it for him, do it for me."

Iesen nodded with a sad smile. Her footsteps echoed quietly as she climbed down.

I can forgive you, Amon. But I will never forget.

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