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By PSUAvatar14 Part of the To Those Who Are Gone... continuity.
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Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe




10 AG

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White (Formerly brown, then grey)

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Southern Water Tribe, Avatar Aang, Katara


The Southern Raiders

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  • Former warrior
  • Former POW

Water Tribes

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To Those Who Are Gone...

Holak is a former waterbending warrior of the Southern Water Tribe. He was captured in the first of the Southern Water Tribe raids in 40 AG and transferred to a Fire Nation prison where he managed to survive sixty years of imprisonment before the end of the Hundred Year War.


Holak was born ten years after the Hundred Year War broke out. At the age of five, he discovered his waterbending abilities. Holak quickly enrolled in waterbending classes and began his training, which took thirteen years to complete. By age eighteen, he was a waterbending master, and proceeded to move up to warrior training. By age twenty-five, Holak was a master warrior and was promoted to front-line military service.

During his waterbending training, Holak met his future wife at the age of seventeen. They dated for three years before their marriage, which produced three children between 31 and 38 AG. His wife died in 93 AG at the age of 80.

In 40 AG, the first of the Southern Tribe raids took place. Holak and his forces fought the best they could, but they found themselves surrounded quickly. His battalion surrendered and was taken to the Fire Nation for imprisonment.

Over the next sixty years, Holak survived harsh conditions in the Fire Nation prison for waterbenders. He was sickened for a good chunk of his time due to starvation and dehydration, but managed to survive the entire time. Finally, in 100 AG, now age 90, Holak was released from prison after Fire Lord Zuko ordered the close of the prisons with the end of the Hundred Year War. He was the oldest prisoner remaining.

Holak spent the next six weeks getting treatment for the conditions he had survived. Afterwards, he was released from a Fire Nation hospital and decided to return to the South Pole. Today, Holak lives with his son's family, which consists of the old man's daughter-in-law and two of his grandchildren.

In 101 AG, Holak encountered Avatar Aang and his girlfriend, Katara. He told the two war heroes of his old family, the raid he dealt with, and even some details of his imprisonment, while giving the two his best wishes and compliments.


In his early years, Holak was a tough young man, dedicated to learning waterbending and his warrior abilities. At home, however, he showed his softer side, enjoying time with his wife and children. However, sixty years of imprisonment made him somewhat saddened, even nearly desiring for his life to end under harsh conditions. However, with his survival, Holak became a kinder man again. However, the loss of his wife and his allies hurts him on the inside. He is willing to tell stories of his imprisonment, but it is hard for him to reflect.


Holak was a master waterbender, but acknowledges that not using his abilities for so long has ridden him of his abilities to make significant bending moves. He can now only perform basic moves and has shown no interest in re-learning more advanced moves at such an old age, believing he will have no need to use them again.

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