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13–120 at death

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Bending arts: Earthbending, Metalbending, Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Energybending


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Earth Kingdom

Avatar Hokan is an incarnation of the Avatar, born into the Earth Kingdom. He was born many centuries after the time of Avatar Korra, and his immediate successor is Avatar Alayza. Being the manifestation of the world in human form, Hokan was the only person in the Avatar World who could use all four bending disciplines: Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending and Waterbending, but later learned Energybending and Metalbending.


After His predecessors death, he/she, as the Avatar, was reincarnated into Hokan who was born into the Earth Kingdom, like his earlier incarnations, such as Avatar Aang, he was told of his identity as the Avatar at only 12 years old, though he still hadn't mastered Earthbending, waiting until he was 13 to leave and master the other elements

Early Life

Hokan first traveled to Republic City, where he found a Firebending master, at least a year later, he had mastered Firebending. He later traveled to Air Temple Island, residence of the Tenzin family, where he met Tishi, the ancestor of Avatar Aang, one of Hokan's previous incarnations, she had mastered Airbending at a young age, and became Hokan's Airbending teacher, which only proved to irritate her since Hokan had great difficulty learning the element. After years of training and mastering Airbending, Tishi decided to leave with Hokan to find a Waterbending teacher at the Southern Water Tribe.

Later Life

Like all Avatars so far, Hokan managed to maintain peace in the world, he married Tishi, and had five children with her, three of whom were Airbenders, while the other two were Earthbenders.


Hokan's personality changed from time to time, as he let his teachings influence his personality, at first he had the strong attitude of an Earthbender, which changed when he mastered Airbending, avoiding attacks and using the head on defensive tactic of an Airbender



As a reincarnation of the entity known as the Avatar Spirit, Hokan was the spirit of the world in human form. He possessed the power to bend all four elements, making him the strongest and most powerful bender on the world. Because the Avatar Spirit had mastered all the elements many lifetimes over, Hokan had exceptional natural bending talents. Hokan had mastered earthbending at 13 years old and mastered firebending around a year later, he had also mastered his opposite element air in only 4 years, at 18 years of age. Hokan had learned the special subset of Metalbending, it is possible that he learned other subsets too. Most Avatars are not told of their status until they were sixteen years of age, like Avatar Aang he had been told of his status as the Avatar at the young age of 12.


With earth being his native element, it was the one he utilized the most in battle. Earth was still Hokan's signature element used for tactical purposes, but he also relied on firebending and airbending. Hokan was a skilled earthbending, he was perilous and persistant though his pacifistic influence as an airbender seemed to halt his use of earthbending for violence and even homicide.


Hokan didn't want to use firebending often because of the aggressive attitude firebenders possess.


Because Airbending was the natural opposing art of Earthbending, Hokan had great difficulty learning the bending art. With Hokan being an earthbender, he would naturally stand his ground against an apponent, the head-on approach sort of attitude of an earthbender, he needed an airbenders indirect method of combat


Out of the four elements Hokan mastered, waterbending was his least used element, instead favoring other readily-available elements such as earth, fire or air.


Hokan was introduced to and mastered Energybending during his later years as an Avatar

Other Skills


  • Unknown predecessor from the Water Tribe
  • Unknown reincarnation to be born into the Fire Nation
  • Aang (incarnation, ancestor-in-law by his marriage to Tishi)
  • Tishi (wife, also spiritually related to her through her ancestor, Avatar Aang
  • Oona (Eldest daughter) - Earthbender
  • Yikimi (youngest daughter) - Airbender
  • Vasook (youngest son) - Airbender
  • Ghonsu (Eldest son) - Airbender
  • Unnamed son - Earthbender

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