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Air Nomad boy
Hokai (tRR)
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

The Southern Air Temple


The Southern Air Temple


112 (biologically 12)


12 BG

Physical description


Hair color

Shaven (black)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Aang, Jinju, Gyatso, Tashi, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Toph, Air Nomad Club, Air Nomads, Iroh, Kuei


The Fire Nation(Formerly), Long Feng, The Dai Li, Admiral Shinzou, Isho, Red Revolt members, Koh, Azula

Chronological and political information
  • Monk
  • Airbending instructor
  • Air Nomad Historian

Air Nomads, Team Avatar


Monk Gyatso



Hokai was an airbender of the Southern Air Temple and one of the members of Team Avatar


Hokai was born in 12 BG in the Southern Air Temple and was room mates with Aang. At first the duo didn't like each other very much, always fighting over the same toys. But as time passes the two young Airbender grew closer and closer together, until they became inseparable. When Aang was told that he was the Avatar Hokai was the only one of the children that still wanted to play with him and not being intimidated by the fact that Aang was the Avatar. As Aang trained and traveled the world Hokai spend most of his time in the four Air temples, traveling from one to the next, learning about Air Nomad history and their way of life. When Aang ran away Hokai fell into a state of depression. When the Fire Nation attacked the Southern Air Temple, Hokai was one of the few to survive, trapping himself in ice, such as Aang did.

A hundred years passed, before Hokai got freed from the ice. He awoke in the summer of 100 AG and found out, what happened to Aang. He thought that Aang got killed in Ba Sing Se, so he decided to take revenge upon the Fire Nation. He travelled the Earth Kingdom and came to a Fire Nation colony, where he boarded a Fire Nation supply ship and stole some torpedoes from it.

He then went to Shin Yun harbour, where he used his Airbending abilities to destroy countless Fire Nation ships. While he was doing that, the war was already over. The new Fire Lord, Zuko, asked Aang to investigate what was happening in the harbour. Team Avatar went to Shin Yun harbour and caught the culprit. When Aang realized that it was Hokai that was destroying his ships he couldn't believe what was happening. After 100 years the old friend were united once again.

Hokai was an important figure during the attack on the Red Revolt stronghold of Was Na Si, where he helped secure the city and saved Sokka. Afterwards the new Team Avatar were called to Ba Sing Se, where a Dai Li revolt took place. The Gaang made it into the city, where they ran into King Kuei. Hokai helped Aang to defeat Long Feng and finally restore peace to the city.

After the fighting in Ba Sing Se, Hokai told Aang about the tablet, which could revive the Air Nomads. With his help and knowledge of history, the Gaang travelled to Wan Shi Tong's library where the spirit gave them a drawing of the tablet. Afterwards Hokai helped Aang to find the tablet and reveal the secret, that Sokka was an Airbender. He travelled with Team Avatar to the Eastern Air Temple, where Sokka would begin his training.

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