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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Olive green

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Issan, Vahaan, Northern Water Tribe, United Republic


Paladins, Gohonn, Orjanti, Poshehn, Xir Hin, Magaw

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Captive of the Paladin army

Hoccon is an energybender from the Earth Kingdom whose abilities manifested following Harmonic Convergence. He was among the hundreds of energybender captives taken and used by the Paladins to bestow the ancient bending arts of Lightbending and Darkbending on the troops in their army.


Hoccon was born in the Earth Kingdom in 152 AG, and lived in a small town not far from the southern coast. After Harmonic Convergence, several individuals in his town went missing overnight. As citizens left constantly, not much attention was put towards it

Captivity by the Paladin army

After being captured by Massak, he was taken captive, and was held in the same room as the other prisoners. There he met Vahaan and Issan. Over the coming weeks, all of the captives were forcibly put through strict training and suffered harsh punishments for any failure. Hoccon, along with Issan and Vahaan, became so proficient in the art that eventually, the Paladins decided to use their abilities to strengthen their army tenfold.

All three spent weeks bestowing the arts of Lightbending and Darkbending on the Paladin troops.

Hoccon worst day of captivity was his meeting with Xir Hin, an earthbender. The Paladins wanted to know if an energybender like Hoccon could grant a secondary bending skill to a non-Paladin. At first, it appeared to work, with Xir Hin using firebending, however, the energy inside him became unstable, and resulted in a violent death. Hoccon refused to use his bending, choosing to die over doing so. Instead, he was taken from the other captives and placed in a special cell.

Rescued by the Northern Tribe

Following the Northern tribe's victory over the Paladin army, the Paladin troops who did not flee were taken prisoner, and luckily for Hoccon and his friends, the main ships captured were holding them. Hoccon was found after the others, with Issan helping to find him through the wreckage.

A New Life

Hoccon and the other energybenders were became refugees to the United Republic of Nations, and were greeted by the President on their arrival to Republic City. The president reserved the meeting during night time hours, and met with them just outside the city. The president assured them all that the United Republic would find a suitable settlement for them. Over the next year however, the energybenders decided on founding a town for themselves, which they named Congjan.


By the time Hoccon was rescued by the Northern Water Tribe, he had mastered energybending. Through intense training from his captivity by the Paladins, he was powerful enough to bestow any of the bending arts on someone, including the ancient arts of Lightbending and Darkbending, and spent months forcibly doing so to strengthen the Paladin army. However, he was not able to take away someones bending, with only a few of the captives being able to. Also, proven by the death of Xir Hin, he was not able to grant someone a second bending art, and was only able to grant bending to a non-bender. Whether he was able to change someones bending.

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