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Kolau Mountains
Ho Sho Ming mountain range
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Earth Kingdom, north of Tal Te, west of Ba Sing Se.


King of Tal Te

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The Ho Sho Ming is a large mountain range directly north of Tal Te. From some where in the mountains, the Orshe River flows freely, the water coming down nicely from the white, snow tipped mountain tops. The mountains are dotted by pine trees which get thicker as they get closer to the base. Finally turning into the Dark Forest.

Along the mountains are many quaint hamlets, merchants would make pit stops at them in order to restock for the journey to Tal Te. The cheery populaces of these hovels were always happy to help travelers, giving them great prices and allowing them to stay in their homes for the night.

Deep in the mountains, at the peek is Fort Bosta. Bosta is the largest Earth Kingdom fort and takes up nearly the entire tip of the mountain. The fort was famous for turning young weaklings into veteran fire benders in the space of only a few months. The walls of the fort were so thick that some considered them larger than the ones of Omashu. Five hundred to a thousand Earth Kingdom soldiers called this fort their home.

When the Fire Nation attacked, the hamlets were each systematically burned as the Fire Nation wished to push everyone into the city to control them easier. Many were killed trying to defend their homes and now no hamlets are left. Smoke from the burning farms still come up from the mountains, occasionally they form large enough clouds and move down to the city, mixing with the already toxic smoke and causing Tal Te to be covered in a thick sheet of black.

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